Strangers Help Woman Safely Give Birth In Her Car

It was a series of unfortunate events that seemed bound and determined to halt the plans of a Utah couple just trying to make their way to the hospital. But Emily Acor and her husband were seasoned pros - after all, this was their third baby, and they knew what to do.

At least they thought they did.

Little did they know, this delivery would not be anything like their last two.

“Looking back on my other deliveries, I thought we had a lot more time,” said Acor, recalling her Friday afternoon rush hour delivery right in the middle of a busy road. “Things just picked up so much faster … at the end we just lost, lost time.”

Acor’s contractions began earlier that day – much earlier, in fact – at around midnight, but she didn’t think much of it. But somehow, throughout the course of that morning and afternoon, they lost track of time. By the time they pulled onto the highway heading to the hospital with Acor in active labour, the unimaginable happened: their car broke down.

The good news was that Acor’s mother was closely following the couple in her own car, and she was able to switch cars while her husband waited for a tow truck.

The bad news? Her mom had no idea how to get to the hospital.

Knowing that her daughter wasn’t in a position to give her step by step directions at this point, Acor’s mother pulled over, stepped out of her vehicle, and began waving for help. She was quickly noticed by twin sisters Ashley and Adrienne, who pulled over to offer their assistance leading Acor and her mother to the hospital. But as they hit rush hour traffic, Acor realized they weren’t going to make it.

“I knew we had no time,” she said. Her baby was on the way.

With traffic at a standstill, the two strangers plus Acor’s mother rallied around her and helped bring her little girl into the world.

Acor recalled the surreal moment.

“She [one of the sisters] basically helped catch my baby and helped deliver the baby and put her on my chest,” she said. “Not hesitating one bit, they just dropped what they were doing.”


Little Sophia was born healthy, perfect and breathing – and thanks to the quick thinking of a couple of strangers, the only dramatic thing about her entrance was the rush.

And maybe the location.

Coincidentally, Ashley and Adrienne were on their way to a birthday party when they were flagged down to help deliver a baby in the middle of Main Street. The humour of that wasn’t lost on Acor, who is now comfortably recovering at home with her family of five.

“Little did they know that it was going to be two birthday parties,” she joked.

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