Here's How To Cope With The Stress Of Being A Mom

It's no secret that moms are always stressed out. Like all of the time, about absolutely everything. Or maybe that's just me but I have a feeling it's not.

Working and stay at home moms alike are often overwhelmed with being primarily responsible for the needs of an entire family. From overseeing schedules getting the brunt of the blame when things go wrong and caring about your kids so damn much it hurts...it gets so hard to handle.

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Moms are only human and every once in a while you just can't deal. Maybe you'll find yourself yelling. Or being unusually moody or snappy, or even throwing something. Know, you are not alone. The most important aspect of this behavior is recognizing that you lashed out and how you react to stress affects your child. This is where all the mommy guilt comes in and moms feel bad for being humans with emotions. It's an endless cycle of stress, guilt, and emotion.

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All of these emotions affect our children and they become conditioned to them. This will also influence how they react to their own feelings. It can also change how your child views you and how they will treat you. If you're regularly so stressed out without the ability to manage this stress, your child may become afraid of you or not one to spend time with you.

As the adult and one of the most important people in their lives, it is vital to take full command of your emotions and reactions. Stress management and emotional consistency are key to a healthy mental state. Find what works for you when stressed out. Exercise, reading, time alone, yoga, meditation, and talking about how you feel is all important.

Tell your child when you're upset. Work out your feelings together. With consistency, they'll learn how to do it too.

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You sit and listen to whining and complaining. You're blamed when the kids forget a school assignment and whacked at when your toddler gets overtired. You're a mom. You're a superhero. You got this.

Dealing with these stresses of being a mom is so important. How you react sets an example on how to raise future generations understanding on how to show and handle their emotions. Always remember that how you react will teach your child how to have relationships with other people and society. Be open with yourself, be honest about improvements you need to make in your life and never let your own bad day affect how you treat your child.


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