Moms On Strict Nap Schedules

Parenthood is fraught with tough decisions. It's hard to know how to make the best choice for your family! After all, kids don't come with instruction manuals. And after they're born, everyone bombards you with advice that all contradicts each other! One of the many joys of motherhood is navigating these awkward situations to resolution. Sometimes it's helpful to ask more experienced mom friends what they've done in a given scenario. Either way, moms are going to make the decision that works best for them - and that decision won't always be the same conclusion as one another. Even if we disagree, we can still respect each mom's personal choice on sticky topics like: nap time!

That's right! Nap time: Do you stick to a set schedule? Or do you go with the nap flow? Remember, there are no wrong answers!

Nap Schedule Depends On Child's Age

Little babies need more nap time than big toddlers. Via Todays Parent

"...It depends on the age of the child. How does the child do with no nap? My youngest is now three, and sometimes I still make him or let him take a nap - just depends on his mood."

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I Force My Kids To Take Naps

"Mine are two-and-a-half, and if we are home, nap time happens between 12-12:30. If we’re out and about I try to go so that we’re either headed there or home at nap time so they can at least get 45 minutes in. One of mine has been fighting naps for the last two weeks but he is SO not ready to go without one. He’s a monster in the evenings. “Forced” naps work for us right now because they have to. They’re so much more enjoyable to be around when they have a set schedule."

My Kids Learned To Nap On The Go

Don't stop 'til ya drop! Via Red Head Baby Mama

"With all three of my kiddos we just went with the flow of life and they napped wherever. On errands, visiting family, etc. They all napped well in baby wraps."

Nap Schedules Depend On Which Kid Needs A Nap

"With my oldest, we stuck to a mid-afternoon nap schedule once he was about a year old. He really had to have on until he was about two-and-a-half. (We didn’t have a set time, but it needed to start by 2:00 or we’d have a monster on our hands). Bedtime was a little more go with the flow.My youngest is the opposite. He HAS to be in bed by 8:30 at the latest or he is a mess. Naps are completely go with the flow."

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I Push Back Bedtime So I Don't Miss My Kid's Big Moment

"We have to go with the flow. Seven kids plus one mom (and dad, but he works odd times) means we have a lot of living to do and the babies come along for the ride. I'm a bit more militant about bedtime...but even that has to be adjusted to meet the needs of others. Concerts are usually at 7pm. I normally start bedtime at 7:10pm. I'm not missing watching my kids play in their concerts just for the bedtime of a kid though, so we have to push back and pray."

Life Doesn't Stop Because Baby Needs A Nap

We got things to do, kid. Just take a nap where you can. Via Naps Happen

"We just go with the flow. If we are out and you need a nap, take one. For us, life doesn't stop because someone needs a sleep."

Whatever Nap Schedule Works For You

The beauty about being a mom is that I can step into their shoes; I can choose to understand where each of these mom friends is coming from. Me, personally? I try to do nap times at home consistently every afternoon. Time isn't important, but I can tell if my kids skip their naps. If we're out and about and the kids fall asleep, I will drive around until they wake up. No shame in my game! And you shouldn't have any shame in your nap game, either. Do what works for you.

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