11 Strong Boy Names For Babies

Your baby's name will follow him or her around for the rest of their life. It'll be the first thing that people use to judge them, and the name potential employers will see when they apply for jobs.

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If you're in the market for baby boy names, you might consider names that invoke strength. Given our world, that characteristic is more important than ever. You might be wondering if names like this exist. The short answer is yes—more than you could ever have time to weed through. Seriously, there are a ton. For your convenience, we've narrowed down the best ones. Here are 11 strong names for boys.

11 Maximilian

He could be a superhero or even student body president. Either way, Maximilian will definitely be someone fit to lead and inspire. He's the boy that his peers will appoint to solve problems and execute positive outcomes.

The name Maximillian means "The Greatest." It is of German origins. Throughout history, there were several royal men, of different rankings, who wore the name Maximilian. Since, 1880, only 15,000 babies have been given this name.

10 Denzel

Denzel is just one of those names that command respect. A baby named Denzel will probably grow up to be a politician or perhaps, a school superintendent. He'll be the special soul, capable of overseeing the well being of vulnerable groups.

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Denzel comes from Cornish origins, and means "from the high stronghold." As far as popular culture goes, Denzel Washington, the accomplished actor, is easily the most popular Denzel in history. Since 1880, there have been roughly 10,000 babies named Denzel.

9 Phoenix

Phoenix is, quite possibly, one of the most kick-butt names for a baby boy. He will probably grow up to tackle obstacles head on, even big ones. And when life throws ashes on him, he will rise as phoenixes do.

Phoenix is derived from the Greek language. It means "dark red." A phoenix is also a mythical bird from Greek mythology. Joaquin Phoenix, an actor, is the most notable public figure, who has Phoenix a part of his name.  Since 1880, over 23,000 babies have been named Phoenix.

8 Atticus

Atticus might sound like the mean boy from prep school we all hated, but strength doesn't come without adversity. Not everyone will like you, no matter how amazing you are. The sooner your baby learns that the better.

Atticus comes from Latin origins. It means "from Attica." Since 1880, there have only been 9,000 babies named Atticus, which means your baby will definitely stand out! As far as public figures, the most notable appear to be Atticus Shaeffer, an actor, and Atticus Ross, a music producer and, performer.

7 Harrington

Maybe he'll be a king. Maybe he'll own a country club. Regardless, Harrington is destined to live among the upper echelon. Even so, he'll never forget his downhome values or the sacrifices you had to make to get him where he is to today.

Harrington is of English Origins. It means "family farm." Since 1880, there have been fewer  than 300 babies named Harrington⁠—only 271! Since the name Harrington isn't particularly popular, it's no wonder that there aren't many public figures with that name.

6 Grant

Grant's greatest strength is his kind heart. He won't be a pushover, but he will have an affinity for putting people before himself. He'll seek out ways to be of service to others, and make sure they're squared away.

The name Grant is of Scottish origins. It translates to "large." Since 1880, there have been over 123,000 babies named Grant. Grant Hill, a famed basketball legend, is likely the most famous Grant in recent history. Another notable Grant includes Ulysses S. Grant, a former U.S. president.

5 Wyatt

Wyatt will light up every room he enters. And it won't just be thanks to his 1000 watt smile. His inner being will just shine too brightly, you won't be able to miss it. He'll be the first person that people go to when they need their mood boosted. Hopefully, they'll always remember to return the favor.

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Wyatt, as a name, translates to "brave in war." Its origin is English. Since 1880, there have been 148,000 babies named Wyatt. The most famous Wyatt of all time is perhaps Wyatt Earp, a famous frontiersman, gambler and, businessman.

4 Hunter

Hunter will probably be in tune with nature. He'll spend much of his childhood, feet to the soil, head to the sky. Spending his early days among nature will teach him a deep respect for his fellow creatures. Heading an animal conservatory might even be in his future.

Hunter translates, quite literally, to "one who hunts." Its origin is English. There have been over 241,000 babies named Hunter since 1880. Despite Hunter's popularity, there aren't don't seem to be any high-profile people with this name.

3 Remington

Remington will totally be a superhero. Or, at least, he will possess the same attributes that superheros are known for. He'll be trustworthy, reliable, and will always do the right thing. And there's no better how of strength than that of restraint and morality.

Remington's origin is English. It means "place on a riverbank." Since 1880, there have been only about 17,000 babies named Remington. There aren't many notable public figures named Remington.

2 Aristotle

Aristotle, like his namesake, is a thinker. A problem solver, if you will. It doesn't matter how complicated the issue, he'll come up with a viable solution. And if he doesn't, it won't be because he didn't give it his all.

Aristotle is of Greek origin. It translates to "superior." There have only been about 840 babies named Aristotle since 1880. The most famous Aristotle in history is the philosopher.

1 Tobias

Tobias is going to conquer the world—but in a good way. Since birth, he's been gifted with a curiosity that couldn't be quelled. And in adulthood, he'll go out and explore the world around him, enacting positive wherever he goes.

Tobias' origin is Greek. It translates to "God is good." Since 1880, there have been about 19,000 babies name Tobias. One such notable figure is Tobey Maguire, who was born as Tobias Vincent Maguire.


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