New Study Reveals The Names Of The "Naughtiest" Children

Get ready parents, the "naughtiest" and "nicest" child names list has been released, so you can see if you've doomed your child to a life of villainy, or maybe if they're more prone to getting into trouble.

This list comes via School Stickers, who after keeping track of good behavior through online sticker books and got a rough idea of the names most attributed to "naughty" and "nice" children. Now, before we delve too deep into this, we need to get the obvious flaw of this study out of the way, it doesn't seem like there was a universal rule regarding what quantified as naughty or nice, rather it was up to the sticker-person's discretion. Still, around 6,300 children were tracked, so there's a pretty solid ground to build off of. So without further ado, here they are.


Via University of Oxford

Let's start with the naughty. On team girl, School Stickers suggests you may have a hard time if your child is named Ella, Bethany, Eleanor, or Olivia. While boys that tend to find themselves in trouble most are Joseph, Cameron, William, or Jake. Both of those were listed in order by the way. It's important to note that the website didn't divide the names by gender, rather they were numbered from one to 20, alternating between boy and girl. This made it a little confusing on our end as we're not entirely sure if, for example, number two was really number two overall or if it was just ranked number one for the gender.

Anyway, they also broke down the nicest names in a much more concise manner.

Girls named Amy, Georgia, Emma, Charlotte, are more likely to be nice, while boys named Jacob, Daniel, Thomas, tend to find themselves in "naughty" situations less often (those names are listed in order as well).

Via Reference.com

There really is something behind this research too. According to Live Science, a child's name actually can influence behavior. For instance, boys with feminine names are more likely to get into trouble than males with traditional masculine names. It also impacts adults as well, with research suggesting many adults wish they were given different names (this could sometimes be linked social and economic opportunities). Overall, the science behind a name is very interesting.

Going back to the list, however, there doesn't seem to be any explanation for why each name finds itself in the naughty or nice list. There could be factors such as how common that name was or how they determined naughty or nice to begin with, but it's worthwhile to put a lot of thought into the alias we give our kids, but every parent already knows how stressful that can be.


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