Study Finds 70% Of Indian Moms Rely On Their Smartphones For Parenting

Study finds that 70% of mothers in India are reliant on their smartphones for their parenting duties. While technology has made certain aspects of parenting easier, many still do not recommend or agree with the use of smartphones for parenting. With the wave of new Indian moms, however, this may change quickly.

In this digital age, so much information is available at our fingertips. With a smartphone, one can find the answers to the many questions one has about parenting. Whether it be baby formula reviews, diaper options, or location of the nearest doctor, a parent can find anything out if they have a smartphone. With this in mind, it’s not a surprise that so many moms have become reliant on a screen when it comes to parenting.

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The surveys conducted found that eight in 10 mothers believe that parenting was made easier with technology, and 70% of the participants have used a smartphone for rearing their kids. According to YouGov, an internet-based market research and data analytics firm, parents are reliant on their smartphones, but only 38% would recommend its usage to others. Parenting apps, however, are still highly recommended to family and friends. 50% of the moms (mostly the younger ones) would consult parenting blogs for parenting advice and information.

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While data shows that Indian moms are becoming increasingly reliant on their smartphones, most still rely heavily on family, friends, and other support groups found offline for advice and comfort. This suggests that deep, personal connections with other people are still more important to a parent than simply having the answers to all the questions; it is important for every parent to have a solid support group base throughout their parenting journey.

Apart from friends and family, parents can also find a solid support group in online groups or forums now available for parents. With a good filter for misinformation, using the Internet as a tool for parenting can be very beneficial. It would be good to mix the online support with the real life ones, so that one gets a variety of opinions for a more balanced perspective.

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