Study Finds Long Car Rides While Pregnant Are Dangerous For Unborn Fetuses

A new study has come out suggesting that unborn babies are at risk when moms drive in a car due to air pollution.

It is very hard to be pregnant these days! It feels like every single day a new study comes out telling pregnant women that they are not allowed to do something because it will harm their baby. We are told we need to exercise, but to not do certain types of exercises. We are told to take our vitamins but don't take too much. Pregnant women are recommended to rest a lot but do not lay too much because it can be bad for them. It is very hard to not go against some sort of "study" during pregnancy. The most recent study shared that riding in a car for a long period of time can cause damage to the fetus.

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The study showed that riding in a car for too long can put your child at an increased risk for air pollution. Air pollution is often doubled while in a car than if you were to just be walking outside. The study shows that 57% of pregnant women rely on cars to get around while they are pregnant. And therefore, in Britain, over the last 6 years, 2.6 million unborn babies were exposed to higher levels of pollution then if their mother were to have just walked everywhere.  Previous studies have suggested links between pregnant women’s exposure to high levels of air pollution and increased risk of miscarriage, premature births, low birth weight, infant mortality, and childhood respiratory problems.


The study is showing that pregnant women who are spending too much time in the car are putting themselves at an increased risk for many pregnancy complications. Professor Jonathan Grigg, professor of pediatric respiratory and environmental medicine at Queen Mary University of London, said: “Air pollution is having a devastating impact on the lives of everyone, particularly children, and embryos."

We aren't quite sure what the study is supposed to help with. So, do pregnant women not get to drive in cars now? It's not like we can make all of our heavily pregnant women go on a 15-mile walk to their work because we are afraid of the air pollution caused by the car. The study is certainly interesting and informative, but not something that we will really change. It might be something to be aware of in case you want to take a huge cross country road trip while pregnant.

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