Study Finds Parents With Lower Skills Have Higher Chances Of Infant Mortality

Infant mortality rates are much higher among women who have lower education.

New research has found that infants are most likely to die in their first year of life if their mother does not have very much education. Recent research was done in Denmark and it shows that there is a socio-economic imbalance in the infant mortality rate. In Denmark, 4 out of 1,000 newborn babies die in their first year of life. The majority of those deaths are from women who have less education. The new research shows that women with short term education or no education have an increased risk of their baby dying before their first birthday. Premature birth and low fetal weight can explain 55-60 percent of cases.

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Yongfu Yu and Jiong Li from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital are behind the study. Yongfu Yu suggests that in order to reduce the risk of premature childbirth and low fetal weight programs need to help the disadvantaged women. He suggests that experts should focus on improving the health of the socially and financially disadvantaged women before, during and after pregnancy. Women should also be provided with pregnancy, birth and child education. Providing women with the proper pregnancy and infant education would potentially lower the infant mortality rate.


Denmark, and other countries should provide programs and resources to help women with less education through their pregnancy. If government welfare programs provide opportunities for women to be more educated about health during pregnancy and then infant health, then there should be a decrease in infant mortality rate. If women were more educated about babies and their health then they should be able to decrease the number of infants dying among the socio-economically disadvantaged families.

It breaks our hearts that children are dying before in the first year of their lives. It is even worse to think that the deaths could have been prevented if we were able to educate women more about infant health. Our babies and our children should be one of our top priorities and women should be provided with as many resources as they can to raise healthy little ones.

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