Study Reveals Parents Feel That The Baby Name They Chose Was A "Terrible Mistake"

When selecting a name for the baby, parents hope that it will be nothing less than perfect. According to babycenter.com, thirty-five percent of parents expressed that choosing a name was one of the best parts of pregnancy. What’s more, although they found it enjoyable, they also felt it was a challenge. A new study has revealed that parents are claiming to have made a “terrible mistake” in naming their babies - a very bold yet common declaration.

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In a study of 2000 parents by Channel Mum, once a name choice spiked in popularity one in five began to dislike their child’s name. One in ten parents felt resentment after a celebrity chose the identical name for their offspring. They also discovered that one in three people in an attempt to attach an exclusive name to their child were discontent to upon realizing that dozens of others had also chosen the same name.

The effects were so profound for some, that 20 of the parents in the study ardently began addressing their child with an entirely different name than that printed on their birth certificate and fourteen percent considered a legal change in name.

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Ironically, the trending names seem to be the very titles parents are relentlessly avoiding. Those who were not so diligent in their choices are living with a decision that will not only affect them as parents but their children and the impact on their lives well into adulthood.

Live Science shares, "There is a reason why baby name books are extremely popular," said David Figlio of Northwestern University in Illinois. "We're always trying to think about the first bit of a child's identity and so if we as a society pay a lot of attention to names it makes a lot of sense that people's names might influence how they think about themselves and the way in which people might think about them."

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