Study Reveals That Pregnancy Takes The Same Amount Of Endurance As Extreme Sports

A recent study has been released proving that pregnant women's bodies go through just as much as high-endurance athletes.

Any woman who has been pregnant can tell you how taxing it is on your body. You're constantly gaining weight which makes it so much harder to move and your body starts aching due to all of the extra weight. You feel your ankles swell, your back hurts, you have pelvic pain, you have acid reflux and you might even be nauseous. Some women may even deal with pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia or blood sugar issues. Nobody would ever say that pregnancy is easy. In fact, a new study suggests that pregnancy takes the same amount of endurance has extreme sports. This piece of information surprises nobody.

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Researchers were able to prove what we already suspected by studying the metabolic rates of the participants in very competitive sports such as the Tour de France and Race Across The USA. They found that "there's a limit to the amount of energy the human body can burn before depleting the body's energy stores." The findings show that when the body goes through a lot of strenuous exercise such as riding a bike for hours, or in this case, growing and carrying a human baby, the body finds ways to store the energy. The researchers learned that the limit to the amount of energy the body can burn is nearly the same in endurance athletes as those who are pregnant and lactating.


According to the study's finding's, athletes could not replenish their calories during any long and high-intensity work-outs and events. Similarly, the body is pushed to its limits and can't keep up with the calories being burned in full-term pregnancies.

Herman Pontzer, an evolutionary anthropologist at Duke and co-author of the paper stated: "you can do really intense amounts of work for a day or so, but if you have to last a week or so, you have to maintain less intensity." The study was a pivotal moment for researchers. With their study, they are able to educate other people in how much of a toll pregnancies take on our bodies and how the woman's body is going through just as much as people who are actively participating in a high endurance sport.

There you have it, ladies! Next time somebody tries to tell you that pregnancy just isn't that hard you can tell them how wrong they are! You remind them that being pregnant takes the same amount of endurance as an extreme sport.

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