New Study Shows Black And Latino Preemies Are Less Likely To Get Quality Healthcare

According to a new study, black and Latino preemies are less likely to receive good health care compared to white children. Black and Latino children are more likely to die while being a newborn compared to white newborns.

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The new study, by the American Academy of Pediatrics, shows that babies who are black or Latino and are born at least 10 weeks premature are less likely to get the health care that they need and are therefore more likely to die at a higher rate than that of white preemies. The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health and published in the journal Pediatrics, concluded that hospitals need to start taking action and helping children all receive the same type of care regardless of race. The study advised that hospitals that are located in areas with high minority populations should set up programs that focus on improving quality.

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The report of the study also shares that there is a huge disparity of black and Latina women's pre-natal care compared to that of white pregnant women. Black and Latina women are 50% more likely to give birth prematurely according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The researchers studied data found from 2006-2017. They did find that the disparities were improved from the beginning of 2006 to the end of 2017 which is great news, but the disparities are still significant. Even though there were improvements the study found that black and Latino babies were more likely to develop hypothermia; bleeding in the heart or brain; to have an infection in the intestine; or to have sepsis, which is a life-threatening response to infection.

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It is important that we continue to make improvements in our healthcare and that hospitals are more aware of these findings. No matter the race of the mother or the child, everybody should be receiving the same care. We need to start being more vigilant in our prenatal care for all women and how hospitals help little babies while in the hospitals. Hopefully, we can continue to see the disparities decrease.

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