New Study Shows Most Pregnant Women In America Have Poor Nutrition

Pregnant women in the United States are lacking in their nutrition according to a recent study.

Any woman who has been pregnant knows that when you are growing a human you sometimes do not have the best nutrition or eating habits. It is more typical to hear a pregnant woman share her craving for a doughnut, ice cream, or pickles, as opposed to a healthy salad. Although that does happen, there is a reason that there is a stereotype about women craving junk food. Pregnancy nutrition also has a lot to do with women suffering from food aversions that might limit her ability to eat a well-balanced meal. Some women are so sick and throwing up and then when they finally do feel like eating something it's often not healthy food.

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New studies have now come out showing that pregnant women in America have terrible nutrition. Sadly, this news does not really shock us very much. The United States is not well known for its healthy eating habits, so it doesn't surprise us that pregnant women are in that same statistic. The new study follows pregnant American women and it shows that they are not getting an adequate amount of minerals and nutrients required to grow a healthy baby. In some of the women, they were taking way too many vitamins that were actually unsafe. In almost all pregnant women they were consuming way too much salt.


"Many pregnant women do not consume enough of key nutrients: specifically, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B6, folate, and choline -- even with the use of dietary supplements," said lead researcher Regan Bailey. Although many pregnant women feel like they are getting enough nutrients and vitamins because they are taking their prenatal vitamins and other dietary supplements, they are still not meeting the recommended amount. In fact, the study showed that 70% of American pregnant women were not meeting the recommended levels of minerals and vitamins.

Experts said that some women were taking too many supplements that could potentially be causing them harm. In some cases, women were taking too many vitamins that could cause damage to their bodies. Taking too much iron, or Vitamin B can cause liver, pancreas and heart damage. It is very important for pregnant women to take the right amount of nutrients to help their babies grow adequately but to also not take too much that might harm their bodies and their babies.

Researchers suggest that all pregnant women talk to their doctor about what kind of vitamins, dietary and herbal supplements so they can help keep track of your mineral intake. Therefore, your doctor can help you know if you are taking too much, or too little of extra vitamins.

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