Study Shows That Parents Who Smoke Marijuana Are Harsher Disciplinarians

Do you think smoking a joint relaxes your nerves and gives you the peace of mind to handle parenting more calmly? Well, recent studies say that no, it really doesn't!

Parenting is hugely stressful these days- and to seek temporary relief, getting high on marijuana is becoming increasingly common. Due to its quick and euphoric effect and the ease of procuring it due to it being legal in some countries, cannabis is the most sought-after relaxation method. In light of this fact, few researchers took an interest in this indulgence of parents and have gathered the essential effects caused by it. Studies are in contrary to the perceived idea that parents using marijuana are calm on their nerves. The results say that such parents impose more discipline on their kids than those who don't use it.

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Bridget Freisthler, one of the co-authors of the above-mentioned study, emphasized to Science Daily that the ease of accessibility is one of the paramount reasons for increased usage of marijuana. Sometimes they're even getting high in the presence of kids. But Bridget says, "Some parents claim it makes them a better, more relaxed parent," he doesn't support the notion. Also, it poses the risk of kids getting habituated to the same following parent’s footsteps.

However, 92 percent of marijuana users are also alcohol users, according to statistics published recently in the Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions. Parents addicted to these are at a higher chance of exercising control in non-violent methods, strict punishments, or physical trashing, at times, even for trivial actions. They do not wish to be disturbed when they are elated and are having a good time or just down with a hangover.

A mother provided seemingly positive reviews to HuffPost Canada in 2017 on this habit, saying, "As a mother, I’m constantly having to think ahead and be in multiple places mentally on a daily basis.” She also claimed that her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms were alleviated, and her anxiety was at bay by regularly smoking weed. She was also quoted as saying, "This allows my mind to return to home base."

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Another mom emphasized to CTV in March on marijuana’s effectiveness by condemning the general beliefs of people that usage of cannabis indicates lethargy or other such negative traits. In her own words, “When I consume cannabis, I do housework, I play with my children. I am more patient with my children, more present. It helps make me a better mother, a better person." Many other such confessions were made by parents regarding how helpful the effect it had on their stressful lives due to children.

These actions also have psychological effects on kids. If a parent smokes weed when their kids are around, they start feeling worried or anxious and embarrassed sometimes.

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