10 Stunning Baby Names That Mean “Miracle”

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Parents who know that their child is a gift will want to read this list twice. Of course, everyone treasures their children, so we’ve compiled a group of names that will let the world know that your baby is special. The monikers on this list have spiritual meanings that will reflect just how important your little one is to you.

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From Biblical names that have stood the test of time to celestial monikers that feel otherworldly and mystical, all of these titles have higher meanings. Please enjoy this list of 10 stunning baby names that mean “miracle”.

10 Beatrix

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Beatrix is one of those names that is just too adorable to overlook. If you’re looking to give your daughter a moniker that reflects what a gift she is, then you will love this name. Beatrix is a Latin name that means she who brings happiness. How precious is that?

Another translation means blessed. We think that this one would be a perfect title for the little girl that you’ve been hoping and praying for. It also gets extra points for ending in the letter “x”, which is so on-trend. Beatrix is sure to please even Grandma since it has a vintage feel to it.

9 Theo

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Looking to give your son a name with a powerful meaning? You might want to consider naming him Theo. It’s an adorable option that is just masculine enough to mature with your little man. It’s a Greek name that means divine gift. Theo is also a cute nickname for the more formal variation, Theodore.

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This one entered the charts in the late 1800s but wasn’t a top pick from parents until it saw a surge in 2017. It’s still not the most popular which means that your son will be front and center if you name him Theo.

8 Mireille

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Parents who yearn to give their daughter a sophisticated name with a deep meaning will adore the moniker Mireille. This French name means miracle and it’s just so dainty. Your little girl will feel like a princess with a name as soft and feminine as this one.

A girl named Marielle will always know how treasured she is and have a good head on her shoulders. We love how it just rolls off the tongue. Give your daughter a strong start to life and name her Marielle. She’ll be so grateful that you did.

7 Aaron

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Aaron is a Biblical name that fits the bill for a moniker with a spiritual meaning. This was the name of Moses’ older brother who was the first High Priest of the Israelites, according to Nameberry. This means that religious-minded parents will more than likely want to consider Aaron for their son.

This Hebrew moniker means miracle and is just so old-fashioned and classic. With roots in the Old Testament, Aaron has proved time and time again that it has some staying power. Don’t let its traditional vibe stand in the way. You’d be smart to circle this one.

6 Celeste

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Moms and dads who want an ethereal name for their daughter will be attracted to the name Celeste. This airy moniker is just so dreamy and gentle. It’s a Latin name that means heavenly. We just adore the divine nature of this one. A little girl named Celeste will have her head in the clouds, for sure.

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It entered the charts in the 1880s but didn’t see much action until it saw a surge in 2004. It’s not a name that you hear very often but isn’t too outlandish. We think that Celeste would be just right for your little angel.

5 Matthew

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It’s no surprise that the name Matthew made it onto this list. It’s another Biblical name that means gift from God. This Hebrew moniker continues to dominate almost every name list available. We’re not shocked that this classic title is still being picked by parents to this day.

Of course, you could opt for the more approachable nickname, Matt. This one is a solid option that will never go out of style. If you want your son to have a bit of an edge then you could choose to go with Mateo. Either way, we love this traditional name.

4 Genevieve

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Genevieve is a refined name that feels substantial. It’s another moniker that has a whimsical meaning as it’s a French name that means miracle. This one is just too feminine and lady-like to overlook. It was a popular name for girls in the 1930s.

Yet, it has an “old lady cool” vibe that could translate well into modern times. Your little girl will feel so beautiful if you name her Genevieve. Classy, demure, and charming, this name is just waiting for you to claim it once again. We think that it needs to step back into the spotlight.

3 Ian

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Ian is another moniker that you might like if you’re hoping to give your son a name with a sacred meaning. This is a Scottish title that means the Lord is gracious. It’s a lovely version of the name John and one that we think would suit a special little guy.

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It started rising on the charts in the 1970s and has been holding its own, ever since. Traditional without being too boring, we can see why Ian is a name that is here to stay. Manly, conventional, and cordial, Ian is a guy everyone can depend on.

2 Elisha

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Elisha is a totally distinctive name that earned a place on this list because of its beautiful meaning. It’s a Hebrew name that means God is my salvation. This alternative spelling to Alicia is so elegant and polished. It’s versatile in many ways.

This one gets extra points for being gender-neutral as it’s a name that parents typically give a boy. Unisex names are taking over the charts and we think it’s just a matter of time before we see more and more parents picking Elisha for their daughter. Your little girl will be a trendsetter with this unlikely name.

1 Boone

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Boone is one of those names that is going to make both mom and dad happy. For starters, it’s a totally boyish moniker that evokes images of the frontiersman, Daniel Boone. Yet, it’s an English name that means blessing, which mom will love. That’s a win/win in our book.

We think that Boone has a real cowboy vibe that outdoorsy parents just won’t be able to resist. A little boy named Boone will have an adventurous spirit that will carry him far in life. Friendly, brave, and loyal, Boone is a boy that everyone will want to be friends with.

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