10 Stylish Names For Your Little Fashionista

Parents who have a love of fashion will love this list of names. We’ve drawn inspiration from supermodels, fashion designers, and luxury brands to present a collection of trendsetting names. We looked at the unlikeliest of places, from a high-end jewelry store that every girl admires to the editor-in-chief of the most influential fashion magazines in the world. These names are definitely top-notch and only the girliest of girls could get away with these.

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So, parents who hope to raise a sassy little lady should pay attention. Who knows? The perfect name could be found within this list of 10 stylish names for your little fashionista.

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10 Coco

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If you love fashion and want your daughter to have a name with a bit flair then Coco would be a stylish option. Inspired by the legendary designer, Coco Chanel, this one has a vintage vibe. There is something unique and sweet about this name.

Coco has French origins and has been known as a pet name for little girls. Courtney Cox and David Arquette picked this one for their daughter. It’s just distinctive enough to make your little girl stand out from the crowd. Simple, chic, and sophisticated, Coco is one of those names that ticks all the boxes.

9 Tiffany

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Parents who are seeking a glamorous name should consider calling their daughter Tiffany. Why not be inspired by the luxury jewelry store Tiffany & Co? It doesn’t get much more stylish than that. This one has a luxe feel to it that just seems to set it above the rest.

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Tiffany is a Greek moniker than means God's appearance. It found a place in the charts in the 1940s and peaked in the 1980s. We think that it has a timeless sensibility that is beyond the trends, though. It’s bound to please both mom and dad.

8 Stella

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Stella is a name this is both celestial and stylish. Parents who have a passion for fashion will fall in love with this one because it was inspired by the designer, Stella McCartney. Known for her impeccable tailoring, a little girl named Stella would be just as fearless as her namesake.

Stella is a Latin name that means star. Bright, cheerful, and feminine, this name is just waiting to be snatched up. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott chose this one for their daughter, along with a long list of other celebrities. If it’s good enough for Hollywood, then it’s good enough for your little girl.

7 Betsey

Looking for a whimsical name for your daughter? Look no further than the name Betsey. This playful moniker was inspired by the fashion designer, Betsey Johnson. Her flirty fashions are quirky and fun, so a little girl given this one will be a firecracker, for sure.

Betsey is a Hebrew name that means pledged to God. It’s also a variation of the name Elizabeth so it would be a great option if you want a cute nickname. We think that a little girl named Betsey will lead a carefree and creative life. You’d be smart to add this one to your shortlist.

6 Elle

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A polished name that is totally lavish is the name, Elle. This one is steeped in fashion. From the supermodel Elle Macpherson to Elle magazine, people will take notice of a little girl with this moniker.

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Elle is a French name that means “she." It really doesn’t get much girlier than that. It was also the name of the character played by Reese Witherspoon in the hit film Legally Blonde, which gave it a huge boost on the charts. When it comes to picking out a name, this one is perfect for parents who have prevailing taste.

5 Vera

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Another fashionable name is Vera. This one invokes images of the fashion designer Vera Wang and we think that it’s a fresh option for any little girl. Your daughter will be in a class by herself as this one isn’t on-trend but that just means she’ll be ahead of the curve.

Vera is a Russian moniker that means Faith. It has an inspiration meaning that makes it sound even more cheerful. Vera fell out of favor in the charts in the 1980s but saw a resurgence in 2018. This one will appeal to parents who hope to raise a fashionista.

4 Diane

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Diane is a mature name that will grow alongside your daughter. Inspired by the fashion designer, Diane von Fürstenberg, your little girl will be as classic as one of Fürstenberg’s famous wrap dresses. We couldn’t help but add this one to our list.

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Diane is a French name that means divine. It’s also a diminutive of the name Diana, which we all know has a royal history. Iconic, timeless, and lovely, Diane is one of those names that will never go out of style. Even though it may seem common, you don’t hear this one as much as you used to.

3 Anna

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Perhaps the most influential woman in fashion is Vogue's editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. It would be quite a tribute to fashion to name your little girl Anna. This moniker has an impeccable feel to it that makes it compelling.

Anna is a Hebrew name that means “Grace” and is also a variation of the name Hannah. If you’re looking to give your daughter a pretty name that will stand the test of time, Anna seems like the perfect option. Anyone who has a love for fashion will recognize the inspiration and be totally impressed that you settled on this one.

2 Victoria

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A classy option for a fashionista would be to name your daughter Victoria. This posh moniker is inspired by the ever-fashionable, Victoria Beckham. You may know her as one the Spice Girls but she’s made a name for herself as a high-end fashion designer.

Victoria is a Latin name that means “victory." This one is refined and has a royal history thanks to Queen Victoria. Regal, powerful, and appealing, we can’t help be think of a prissy little girl. Be sure to pick this one if you want your daughter to feel like a princess. She’ll be so grateful that you did.

1 Dior

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This one may seem a bit "out there" but a unique name that gives a wink to the fashion industry would be Dior. Christian Dior is a luxury goods company that is synonymous with an opulent lifestyle. From high-end handbags to gorgeous gowns, the name means quality.

Dior is a French surname that sounds tres chic. We absolutely love how distinctive this one is and think that it wouldn’t suit just any little girl. It takes a special person to pull off this moniker. Be brave and pick Dior for your daughter. She’ll lead a life of luxury, for sure.

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