3 Great Summer Art Activities To Keep Kids Entertained

It's summer. The kids are done school and if they're home with you, whether full-time or part-time, chances are they're pretty bored and chances are they're coming to you looking to be entertained.

Unless entertaining children for all hours of the day is your forte, we can probably guess you've had enough of the "Mom, I'm bored". If putting them to work doing chores still isn't enough to keep their little busy minds occupied, check out these 3 activities that are sure ways to let you sit back and enjoy that cup of coffee in peace.

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Sharpie Seashells:

If you live anywhere near a beach or even know of a local shop that sells seashells, go grab a dozen (or more). Next, pick up some multi-coloured sharpies and voila... a cheap and easy way to kill a good 30 minutes or more (depending on your child).

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If your child is too young for sharpies, or even Crayola markers for that matter, try making some homemade paint and letting them go wild with it. If a mess isn't really your thing, take the shells and markers or paint outside on the lawn and let them see what else they can find in nature to beautify.

Nature on a Canvas:

Once they're done designing seashells, send them outside with some paint canvases and glue. Encourage them to let their imaginations run wild (okay- not too wild) and to find anything they want outside to glue onto their canvases.

As simple as this activity sounds, it's a good way to stimulate your child's mind while getting them out for some much needed fresh air. Nature crafts are also a great way to get your child learning more about the environment: how to explore and manipulate the items they do find.

Popsicle Stick Weaving:

If it's a rainy day or a 'desperately too hot to go outside' kind of day, grab some popsicle sticks and yarn/string and see what your kids can make through the art of weaving.

Throw in some beads and pipe-cleaners and you'd be surprised at the things they can come up with. Just like any craft, make sure you give them the supervision required depending on their age and the types/sizes/shapes of the craft materials.

Happy crafting! Or, should we say happy relaxing?

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