How To Find Sunburn Relief While Pregnant

If you're pale and prone to burning, then being out in the sunshine for too long isn't always the best idea. Even if you love to laze in the garden or on the beach during the summer, your skin won't. Although there are a host of great sunscreen products out there, a lot of them aren't safe for use while pregnant. That goes for after-sun care too, which often contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic which numbs and cools the skin. Unless your doctor has prescribed it, it's best to steer clear. So, what can pregnant women do to help relieve sunburn?

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Take a cool bath or shower. It might sound obvious, but your skin hurts because it has been overheated and burned. Hopping into a tub full of cool water, or taking a cold shower won't make the pain go away indefinitely, but it will provide short-term relief. Prop your iPad up across the room and have a Netflix and chill in the tub to ease the pain.

Aloe vera is your best friend. If you don't have an aloe vera plant, invest in one now. Not only is it great for sunburn, but it's great for any type of regular burn, dry skin or other irritation. The plants are so low-maintenance that they quite happily exist without interference, and they're super cheap to buy. For easier application, you can purchase pure aloe vera gel or oil. Keep it in your fridge so that when you need it, you get extra-icey relief. Trust us, it works.

Soak in apple cider vinegar. According to one expert, dermatologist Carl Korn, MD, adding a little something to your bath could be the key to instant pain relief. A little bit of apple cider vinegar added to cool water acts an astringent, soothing the burn. Korn says adding oatmeal is another great option, and that after soaking applying aloe vera liberally to the area will help moisturize it.

Lush bath bombs. While there are other bath bombs designed to aid sunburn, Lush carries a great one called Avobomb which retails for $7. The bathtime treat is made with avocado and baking soda, both ingredients which are sure to sooth and treat any nasty sunburn.

Don't forget - the best treatment for sunburn is not to get burnt at all! Ensuring you top up your sunscreen and try to stay out of the sun will save you a lot of trouble. Happy sunbathing!


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