'Super Annoying Overprotective' Mom Saves Baby's Life With Text Message

One "overprotective and super annoying" mom saved her baby's life with a text message proving that sometimes having a nagging voice can make all the difference.

Rebecca Tafaro Boyer has shared her story about how her being extremely annoying to her husband David saved their son's life. On her first day back to work from maternity leave, the new mom wanted hourly updates on her baby. Even though baby William's father was watching him while she worked, she was insisted her that husband update her.

Thankfully David complied, even if it was merely to amuse his overprotective wife and sent some updates. In one picture, Rebecca noticed her son was not as secure in his car seat as he should have been. She explained to David he needed to adjust the seatbelt clip and straps on William's car seat because the straps were loose and the clip was sitting too low.

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The Memphis, Texas mom knew her husband would laugh at her, but she also knew he would comply with her request. David did as his wife said and he is lucky that he listened. 15 minutes after safely securing his son in the car seat, David and William were in a car accident. A woman pulled out in front of them and despite his attempts, David could not stop quick enough to avoid hitting her.

David was hurt. He broke his foot and dislocated a few of his toes. However, when he turned around to check on his son, the little guy was sound asleep in his car seat having missed all of the excitement. There was not a scratch on William, thanks to his "annoying and overprotective" mother's observant eye. Even though he was unharmed the baby still underwent a check-up at the hospital where he spent the entire time flirting with the nurses.

Friends, let’s have a quick chat about something that some of my family members think makes me a super annoying...

Posted by Rebecca Tafaro Boyer on Saturday, July 14, 2018

Rebecca told the local news that she believes the outcome would not have been so happy if David had not listened to her nagging and secured their son in his car seat. She knows she is overbearing, but in this case, it was a blessing.

Their car is damaged, but the family is safe and sound together thanks to Rebecca being an overprotective mom. Annoying moms often get a bad rap, but they only do it because they love their kids so much. This is a life lesson; do not ignore an overprotective annoying mom, they know best.


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