Supermodel Ashley Graham Is Expecting Her First Child

Supermodel Ashley Graham has found plenty of professional success in the world of modeling. Not only that, but she's found some moderate success in various mediums of entertainment, as well as in her philanthropic efforts to push body positivity. Her personal life is also doing well, what with her recently celebrating nine years of marriage to her husband, videographer Justin Ervin. But her personal life has only gotten better now.

Graham, 31, and Ervin, 30, both uploaded posts on their respective Instagram profiles to commemorate their nine-year wedding anniversary. When you first hear that, you think of a happy couple just sharing how happy they are for being married for as long as they have been. But their Instagram posts also revealed that the happily married couple are now expecting their first child together. How fantastic is that?!

On her page, Graham shared a sweet video with her and Erwin celebrating their wedding anniversary before showing off her growing baby bump. Meanwhile, on his Instagram, Ervin shared a picture of him kissing Graham on the cheek while holding a sonogram picture of their unborn child. The post also included two throwback photos of the couple, no doubt as a way to celebrate their anniversary. Whether you follow either Graham or Ervin on Instagram- or you follow the both of them instead- it's hard to deny that both pregnancy announcements are beyond cute and too perfect, given the occasion that the couple is celebrating.



Back in January of this year, Graham revealed in a sit-down interview that neither she nor her husband was in any rush to start a family, saying, "For me, being a wife and being a woman, happiness doesn’t equate to having kids. Kids will come when they come. Happiness right now is building with my husband and building my business."

Needless to say, it's clear that Graham and Erwin were careful as to when they wanted to start a family. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that since it means that they'll most likely be better prepared for all the responsibility that comes with being parents. Here's hoping that their journey to that will be smooth sailing.

We send over our sincerest congratulations to the happy couple for the fantastic news!

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