Supermom Ali Fedotowsky: 21 Ways She's #MomGoals

Ali Fedotowsky was the sixth Bachelorette and also appeared on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. While appearing on The Bachelor, she set herself apart by leaving the show because she didn't want to lose her job. A lot of fans applauded her for choosing her career over the possibility of an engagement. Later on, she did leave her job, because she was asked to be The Bachelorette. That opportunity was just too good to pass up.

Ali is a smart woman. She's now moved on from appearing on reality television shows, but she's used her reality TV fame as a springboard to a great new life. She's a wife and mother who is also involved with plenty of business projects. After her stints on reality TV, she became a correspondent, a spokesperson, a host and a blogger. She's very active on social media and has lot of fans who are mommies, too.

Ali is into homemaking, motherhood and being a wife. She's also turning opportunities into cold, hard cash. Anyone who enjoyed watching Ali while she took part in The Bachelor/The Bachelorette franchise, or found her online while looking for mommy bloggers to follow, will enjoy this list. It's packed with facts about her inspiring approach to parenting.

21 She Thinks Work-Life Balance Is A Myth


As moms, we can do a lot, but juggling work and parenthood is tough and there isn't always perfect work-life balance. Ali acknowledges this. If you're at work, you're not with your kids and that can be rough, especially when they are little. If you're with your kids, you're busy parenting, rather than leaning into your career.

Ali is realistic about work-life balance. She's not sure work-life balance is possible for parents. Ali is someone who is offered business opportunities, thanks to her reality TV show fame, and she sometimes has a hard time resisting these opportunities. She was attending business meetings at nine months pregnant!

20 She's Open About Pregnancy Symptoms


Ali's second pregnancy wasn't easy. She was taking care of a young child while she was expecting, and she experienced a host of unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, including morning sickness. She found the experience of being pregnant while looking after her young daughter to be an exhausting one, because her daughter woke up very early in the morning. Many women can relate.

Ali's openness about the downside of having it all makes her very relatable. She's not afraid to tell the truth about how she feels each day. Her candidness is the reason why so many people visit her website, Aliluvs.com and her social media profiles.

19 She Values Her Hubby And Thinks He's A Great Dad


Ali is married to Kevin Matthew Manno. He's a radio host and TV host. Since Ali's also appeared on TV and worked as a correspondent, these two have a lot in common. Kevin started his career in Chicago, at Q101, before heading for the Big Apple to host a show called "The Seven" for MTV.

Since 2015, he's co-hosted a morning radio show called, "Valentine In The Morning". Ali raves about her hubby. He's caring and a great husband and dad. Ali says she was friends with Kevin for a while before they began to date. She met him through a producer that they both knew. He wasn't a reality TV contestant.

18 She Teaches Her Daughter About Giving Back


Ali donates fifty percent of the Christmas presents that her kids receive. Her son is just a baby, so she's focusing on teaching her daughter to give back. She takes a pic of her daughter surrounded by a ton of presents, and then takes half of the gifts and donates them. She figures her daughter doesn't need all of the presents. She'd rather they go to needy families.

Ali wants her daughter, Molly, to embrace this Christmas tradition when she's a bit older. She's going to allow her daughter to choose which gifts she prefers to keep. It's all about instilling the right social values.

17 She Believes In Feeding Her Kids Healthy Food


Ali didn't really start cooking a lot until she became a mother. Before then, she relied on takeout. After she had a baby, she started learning recipes from her mother-in-law.

She became very interested in feeding her family good, healthy food. To save time and make things easier, she also relied on meal kit subscription boxes, which were delivered right to her home. Ali has also made recipes from Hayley Duff's cookbook. Hayley is Hilary Duff's big sis. Ali loves making healthy tacos, gourmet flat breads and Strawberry Avocado Toast. She focuses on recipes with ingredients that her daughter loves.

16 She Doesn't Pretend She Has It All Together


Ali understands that her public image is a little bit Gwyneth Paltrow. She has the clean-cut appearance, the fashionable clothes, the seemingly-perfect home, which features a lot of immaculate white furnishings, and the cute kids and hubby. She knows she presents an image of perfection that doesn't always reflect reality. She doesn't want people to feel bad when they look at her social media posts and content at her website. She wants other moms to understand that she doesn't have it all together all of the time.

For example, while pregnant, she was open about the fact that her first pregnancy took a big emotional toll on her.

15 She's So Grateful For Her Kids


While being pregnant was hard for Ali both times, she is so grateful for her kids. She's said that her family is now complete. She and her husband are not planning to have more children in the future. So, she's focusing on giving her kids all of her love and making sure that their childhoods are amazing. She does make sure that her children eat healthy food, live in a beautiful home and get plenty of attention and affection from her and her husband, Kevin.

She juggles parenthood with a range of business commitments, plus a strong social media presence.

14 She Enjoys Homemaking And Decorating


Ali is really into decorating and she's very fond of using white for home decor. White isn't really as impractical as it seems, even with toddlers and babies in the mix, because it's possible to bleach white sofa slipcovers, drapes and so on. Ali's fireplace is painted white, her kitchen chairs are white and her family room sofa is white.

Since Ali's a fastidious Virgo, she probably has no trouble keeping all of these white design elements sparkling-clean. My mom is a Virgo and she's the best and most efficient homemaker I have ever met. Ali is probably just the same. Ali says her hubby is a neat freak.

13 She Enjoys Earning Money For Her Family


Ali hasn't given up on business because she's a mom. She finds ways to earn money for her family. For example, she promotes products on social media. Ali is a social media influencer and influencers are able to earn impressive money just by posting about products. They do need to let their followers know when they are promoting, rather than just talking about stuff that they like.

She also has her own jewelry line, in partnership with a company called Emerald Duv. The jewelry is delicate, wearable and in keeping with Ali's clean, fresh style aesthetic. If you like Ali's style, you may like the products that she promotes to earn money for the family.

12 She Pays Her Kids The Sweetest Compliments


Ali always has sweet things to say about her kids, just like most moms. She does appreciate her kids' amazing qualities and overall cuteness. She is more than happy to spend a Friday night cuddling her baby boy, rather than painting the town red. Occasionally, she wants more 'me' time and she finds ways to get it, but she's pretty content being with her cute kids most of the time.

The happiness and health of her family are her key priorities. When she loses her cool as a parent, she feels bad about it. She's always trying to do her best and she clearly adores her children.

11 She's Traded Reality TV For Parenthood


Reality TV gave Ali a taste of fame and fortune. It was quite an honor to be chosen as The Bachelorette, and she must have impressed producers to get a spot on The Bachelor before that. When she transitioned away from reality TV, she stayed in the entertainment lane, by working as a correspondent and blogger.

Ali is maturing and changing. At this point, she wants a happy home and happy kids (and a happy husband). She finds ways to work that allow her to be with her children much of the time. She still has work-life balance issues, but she handles them.

10 She Has Two Young Kids


Ali's daughter is named Molly and her son is called Riley. Molly is a toddler and Riley is a baby. Molly looks quite a bit like her dad and Ali thinks that Riley is looking more like her every single day. Having two young kids is amazing, but challenging. Young kids bring so much hard work, but they are a joy to be around. Ali captures special moments and posts them to social media. She understands that babies and young kids grow up fast. She wants to enjoy this special time in her life.

Like most moms, she loves reading the kids stories and doing all of the traditional mom things.

9 She Prefers Reality To Social Media Perfection


Lately, Ali has been making an effort to show a bit more reality when she posts to social media. She is trying to balance a picture-perfect image with some photos that are not as staged and perfect. She's doing this because she prefers reality to social media perfection. She doesn't think that she needs to post really negative things online, but does feel like she should bring more reality into her social media presence. She doesn't want other people to feel like she's perfect and they aren't.

Ali has her ups and downs, just like everyone else. She wants people to see what's real, at least, sometimes.

8 She Watches Sports With The Kids


Ali likes watching football with her kids. She makes her love of sports into a family affair. She's been known to nurse her baby while watching football and even participates in fantasy football leagues. She and her brother both love football and Ali is passing her love of this sport down to her kids.

She may also pass down her passion for fashion. Ali is always blogging about her outfits, including the outfits that she wears while watching football with family and friends. She likes rompers that make it easy to nurse, as well as comfortable boots that are easy to walk in.

7 She Believes In Sleep Training


Ali and her husband had to sleep in separate rooms for a while when their second baby came, because Ali's hubby needs to get up very early for work. He does a morning radio show. That means being at work when most people are just waking up. Ali would sleep in one room, where she would nurse the new baby, and her husband would bed down elsewhere in the house. Eventually, the married couple embraced sleep training for the baby, which helped them to feel less exhausted each day, and to enjoy more time together.

If you're a new mom, you may want to look into sleep training, too. It really works for some families.

6 She Is One Organized Mommy


Ali may not have it all together, but she certainly seems pretty organized. Even her messy pics of her house are not really that messy. Also, she keeps herself looking very pulled-together. The kids are always well-dressed, too.

Taking care of every detail isn't easy, but Ali has the drive and energy to do it. It's not surprising that she occasionally gets stressed out or emotional, because she's always trying so hard to make everything perfect. Ali is a high achiever and she is one organized mommy. Like most moms, she works tirelessly to give her kids a good life.

5 She Pays A Nanny Sometimes To Enjoy "Me Time"


Ali can afford to pay a nanny sometimes and she does pay a nanny sometimes. She does so to access "me time". Ali loves to get her hair and makeup done and go out. Sometimes, she envies her hubby, because he gets to go out to work, while she needs to be at home. Taking care of a baby and toddler is hard. It's tiring. It's understandable that Ali needs a break and she's smart to give herself one. A little time away from the kids is beneficial.

While every mom can't afford a nanny, most can get a break by leaving their kids with others sometimes, such as friends or family (and they should).

4 Her Blog Inspires Other Moms


It's great when moms can find a sense of community online, at websites like Babygaga.com and social media networks. Ali posts about parenthood almost every day. She's going through the mommy journey alongside an audience, many of whom are other mothers. Judging by the many positive comments, she is inspiring other moms on a regular basis. She has a blog, where she can go into more detail about what's up in her life.

It's empowering that women like Ali can use the Web to talk about motherhood and make money as social media influencers who focus on parenthood.

3 Her Public Presence Is Mostly About Family


Family is so important and no one understands that better than Ali Fedotowsky. Most days, she's hanging out with her kids and making sure that they are enjoying life. She posts pics of her children and talks about parenthood all of the time. Most of her musings are positive.

At the beginning of her showbiz career, Ali was all about The Bachelor. She was one contestant of many. She stood out and became The Bachelorette. Now, she's becoming a lifestyle guru. Her lifestyle is making a wonderful home for Molly and Riley, while also grabbing some "me time' now and then and loving her cute hubby.

2 She Believes In Nursing


Ali Fedotowsky believes in nursing and she's quite comfortable nursing a baby while watching football. She pumps milk when nursing just isn't convenient.

Like so many celeb moms, including Olivia Wilde, she believes in the positive power of a mother's milk. While she doesn't judge people that don't nurse, she definitely advocates for nursing, by sharing info about outfits that are easy to nurse in, and just by talking about nursing a lot. Ali's life has changed so much over the years. She's in such a good place right now. Her husband and family give her more contentment than reality TV ever did.

1 She Throws Great B-Day Parties For Her Kids


Ali used to plan events at FB, so it's no surprise that she's able to plan some amazing birthday parties for her kids. Molly is just two years old and has had lovely b-day parties already, with gorgeous cakes, cupcakes and decorations.

Ali doesn't do anything halfway. She's always going for perfection, even though perfection is so hard to achieve. By doing so much to make a good life for her family, she's changed her image totally. It'll be interesting to see what she does, career-wise, once her kids are in school during the day. This go-getter will always excel.

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