Mom Says She Had A Surprise Baby After Detox Tea ‘Stopped The Pill From Working’

Crystal George’s contraceptive pills suddenly stopped working after she began drinking detox tea, so she became pregnant with her first child. She had been religiously taking the pill for almost a decade, so the news was surprising to her and her partner, Mike Gray. Despite the unexpected life change, their relationship got stronger than ever before, and they can no longer imagine a life without their daughter.

George tried the “14-day teatox” from Bootea in an attempt to make herself healthier. After the detox, she began to feel ill, so she thought she just caught a cold. Three months later, however, she discovered that this was due to a pregnancy; at this point, she was 13 weeks pregnant.

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Shocked and terrified, George went to her doctor to see what’s going on. She had been taking the pill for almost 10 years without any issues, so something must have gone wrong. Upon telling her GP that she was detoxing through tea, she found out the answer. Her doctor explained to her that the tea acts like a laxative, so it flushes out the digestive system. This is the “detoxing” effect that the product markets. Because of this, the tea must have also flushed out the pill before it was fully absorbed into the bloodstream.

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In January of 2017, George gave birth to her daughter, Kovah. While her conception was a surprise, Kovah has completely changed George and Gray’s lives. At first, the couple was afraid because they haven’t been together for that long, so the idea of now having to raise a baby together was quite daunting. It took a toll on their relationship and mental health, but they worked it out, and now they’re a happy family.

After her experience, George now wants to raise awareness for the effects of detox teas on contraceptive pills. While it worked out for her in the end, many other women may not have a positive experience. She reminds women to do their own research when it comes to detoxing, and she wants them to know that a shift in diet will probably do more good than just drinking a tea.

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