Surprise! Young Couple Had No Idea They Were Pregnant Until They Were In Labor

Couple had no idea that they were pregnant until she was in labor.


We are always in love with the stories that narrate the events of a mother who went through her entire pregnancy, but had no idea that she was pregnant! We just heard a story about one woman who had no idea that she was pregnant with her daughter until she saw the baby's head. Another story was a woman who thought she was struggling with food poisoning, but was actually in labor. These stories always baffle us! It especially baffles the women who struggle with severe morning sickness, intense heartburn and debilitating exhaustion. How do you miss all of these signs of being pregnant? We are always interested in learning how a woman goes nine months without knowing they are pregnant! Another story just surfaced about a women not knowing she was pregnant until she went into labor!

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Bryson and Grace Mawn were enjoying a nice dinner with their friends. After the dinner, Grace started suffering with severe stomach pains. She had her husband take her to the emergency room, because she had no idea why she was in so much discomfort. Byrson kept on telling his wife that she was fine and that she was probably just dealing with kidney stones. Grace kept on telling her husband that she was feeling something "down there" and it wasn't kidney stones. She was right. She was in labor and a baby was trying to come out.  Before Grave even knew what was happening she was pushing a baby out. All of a sudden she heard a baby cry.

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The couple was in complete shock and had no idea that they were pregnant. They said that they had no signs that they were pregnant. Grace said that she never felt the baby move. She never had any cravings and she never had any symptoms. Grace kept on asking if the baby was okay and if there was something wrong with the little girl that she just birthed. She had no idea that she was even going to have baby, so she never had any prenatal check -ups.

The couple was terrified when they got home, because they had no money and nothing to raise a little girl. They didn't even have diapers. The couple said they hadn't been saving and they only had a couple hundred dollars in their bank account. They weren't sure what they were going to do. The couple started a "GoFundMe" account to help them raise money for their little daughter. Their community really stepped up and the couple was able to collect $4,000! Baby and mommy are doing great! Congratulations you guys on the best surprise ever!

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