10 Surprising Symptoms Of Pregnancy That No One Tells You About

Pregnancy can be a wonderful miracle for many women. Giving the gift of life is the best gift that moms could possibly give their children. When people think of pregnancy symptoms, they usually think about a missed period and morning sickness. But there are so many other symptoms that many expectant mothers can go through; especially during early pregnancy.

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Things like hot flashes, having to go to the bathroom more frequently, and even false periods are only a few of the less talked about symptoms that moms-to-be can experience. Continue reading to learn more surprising symptoms of pregnancy that no one tells you about.

10 Pregnancy “Hot Flashes”

Thanks to hormonal changes during pregnancy, many women experience hot flashes or feeling almost like they are overheating. Getting hot flashes is completely normal and is not something that pregnant women need to worry about.

According to Babycentre.co.uk, about one in three pregnant women will experience these hot flashes, so it is very common. And a lot of the time the heat will feel worse at night compared to the day time. The hot flashes are often caused by the fact that a pregnant woman’s hormone levels increase the blood flow to their skin. This can cause a woman to feel hot in the head, neck, and chest area but can feel like it’s their entire body.

9 Annoying Headaches

Many women are not aware of this pregnancy symptom but during pregnancy soon-to-be moms can usually expect to get some headaches. If you get frequent headaches already, they may intensify at times. This happens thanks to two things; lovely hormonal changes and an increase in blood volume.

According to Huffpost.com, a woman’s blood volume actually increases by as much as 50 percent. The reason it increases is to help the body support a pregnant woman’s growing uterus. Pregnancy can be wonderful, even with those annoying headaches!

8 When You Got To Go, You Got To Go

Pregnancy can really make a mom-to-be frequently use restrooms! The random urges to tinkle can oftentimes seem to come out of nowhere. So what if you didn’t drink a lot of fluids? Chances are that you will still need to use the ladies’ room.

The reason that pregnancy can make an expectant mom use the bathroom a lot is that as the baby grows inside the womb, it actually presses on mom’s bladder and makes her feel like she has the urge to go a lot even when there isn’t much in there.

7 Other Times You Can’t Go…

The other side of having to go to the bathroom a lot is that sometimes soon-to-be moms feel like they have to go number two really bad but just can’t seem to get anything out. Other times pregnant women may also feel like they have to let out a little toot that just won’t come out. It can be a very uncomfortable feeling.

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This pregnancy symptom happens because of those wonderful hormonal changes and it can also be caused by prenatal vitamins; something that is a vital part of being pregnant and having a healthy baby.

6 Lightheadedness & Dizziness

Every woman will have different symptoms during pregnancy. Some women are actually susceptible to feeling like the room is spinning. They might feel lightheaded and dizzy at times in early pregnancy.

Usually, it is completely normal and nothing to worry about. However, if the lightheadedness is accompanied by bleeding, moms should call their OB/GYN and go right to the hospital because that could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy, according to Healthline.com. The spinning feeling is caused by a pregnancy-induced drop in blood pressure.

5 Cold & Flu-Like Symptoms

One not-so-fun thing about pregnancy is that it actually lowers the expectant mom’s immune system to keep her body from thinking a growing baby is a foreign object. This makes it easier for pregnant women to catch colds or even the flu because of this. Pregnant women need to take extra precautions to prevent catching any illnesses.

According to Mayoclinic.org, it is highly recommended that all pregnant women get the flu shot. Receiving a flu shot can actually help prevent pregnancy complications as well as complications with the baby that getting sick could cause.

4 Your Tastebuds May Be Out Of Whack

Most people are already aware that pregnancy can make women make some strange food concoctions. What they don’t usually know is that it can actually cause an expectant mom’s taste buds to be all out of whack.

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This is a condition brought on by the estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy and it actually has a medical name called dysgeusia, according to Healthline.com. This condition causes pregnant women to feel like they just licked a handful of pennies; it causes a mental-like taste. Dysgeusia is nothing to worry about!

3 The Waterworks May Start

Early pregnancy can make a mom-to-be feel like she’s going insane and, yet again, it is thanks to the hormonal changes that women experience during pregnancy. Expectant moms can experience drastic mood swings.

One minute they might be happy and carefree and the next thing you know they turn into Medusa. Women tend to be extra emotional during pregnancy and it usually starts very early on. Perhaps curling up in bed with some tissues and Netflix would be a good idea during those extra emotional moments.

2 False Periods Can Actually Happen

Roughly 25 to 40 percent of pregnant women, according to Healthline.com, may experience something known as a false period. It is actually fairly common to have some light spotting in early pregnancy.

Especially because some women experience implantation bleeding. But if the spotting were to become heavier, it would be a good idea for expectant moms to call their OB/GYN and go to the emergency department to rule out anything serious and to make sure that both mom and baby are doing okay.

1 Funky Discharge

During early pregnancy, it is very common but not often talked about that women may experience some funny looking lady bits discharge. Expectant moms may see a sticky white to pale yellow mucousy discharge.

It is nothing for the mom-to-be to worry about since it is fairly normal. This discharge can help moms avoid getting cervical infections during pregnancy as well as soften the V walls. However, if moms start to get irritation, a funny smell, or it starts to burn down there, then the mom-to-be should contact her OB/GYN.

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