10 Surprising Symptoms Of Pregnancy That No One Tells You About

Pregnancy can be a wonderful miracle for many women. Giving the gift of life is the best gift that moms could possibly give their children. When people think of pregnancy symptoms, they usually think about a missed period and morning sickness. But there are so many other symptoms that many expectant mothers can go through; especially during early pregnancy.

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Things like hot flashes, having to go to the bathroom more frequently, and even false periods are only a few of the less talked about symptoms that moms-to-be can experience. Continue reading to learn more surprising symptoms of pregnancy that no one tells you about.

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10Pregnancy “Hot Flashes”

Thanks to hormonal changes during pregnancy, many women experience hot flashes or feeling almost like they are overheating. Getting hot flashes is completely normal and is not something that pregnant women need to worry about.

According to Babycentre.co.uk, about one in three pregnant women will experience these

hot flashes, so it is very common. And a lot of the time the heat will feel worse at night compared to the day time. The hot flashes are often caused by the fact that a pregnant woman’s hormone levels increase the blood flow to their skin. This can cause a woman to feel hot in the head, neck, and chest area but can feel like it’s their entire body.

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