Survey Shows Less Parents Are Naming Their Babies After Celebrities Nowadays

Oftentimes, parents-to-be look at people who’ve inspired them or played a big part in their life in order to get inspiration for their child’s name. But a recent survey has concluded that fewer people than ever before are turning to celebrities for inspiration.

In fact, many of the parents who participated in the study actually said that names appear less attractive to them if a famous celebrity already has the famous moniker. Channelmum.com surveyed 1,000 parents and found that 1 in 5 people, or approximately 20 percent, are adamantly against naming their children after celebrities.

Even more, the interviewees said that names that are already extremely popular are also less attractive. So, even if a name is on the top of the baby charts this year, it’s likely that it will decrease in popularity in the near future if this survey is any proof. More than 98 percent of the parents surveyed added that they prefer names that are less common.

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The survey also asked some other interesting questions related to baby names. One result that was unsurprising was that three-quarters of the parents said they would outright refuse to give their child a moniker if it was the same name as their partner’s ex-lover.

Respondents also showed a distaste for names that reference sports team and politicians, although more people would prefer to give their kid a politically-inspired name than a royal one. To be exact, one-quarter of the people would reject names if it had a royal connotation, whereas only 23 percent were against names of politicians.

Channelmum.com’s overall finding was that parents are the least likely to give their child a name if it reminds them of someone they hate, celebrity or not. “Even if you love how a name looks and sounds, you can’t separate it from the people it reminds you of,” Baby name expert S.J. Strum told the publication. “Very few parents wish to gaze at their bundle of joy but be reminded of their partner’s ex, a tacky celeb or a person from school they hated.” That’s understandable!

The study added that many of the respondents admit to having their baby names picked out ahead of time. 1 in 6 pregnant women claim to have chosen their child’s names even before getting pregnant, while 1 in 8 say they had names picked out before meeting their partner. However, the most common time to choose a baby name, according to the survey, was when the expectant mama is six months along. Only 10 percent of people said they chose a name after the baby was delivered.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that the name Kylie is probably going to be a lot less popular in the coming years, if this survey is any proof!

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