Survey Shows The UK’s Two-Child Limit Is Making More Women Consider Abortion

Women in the UK are feeling as if they should get an abortion if they have a third child due to the two child limit.

The UK two child rule doesn't prohibit parents from not having more children. There is nothing illegal about having three or more children. The UK's two-child limit prohibits families from receiving tax credit and universal credit for three or subsequent children. These benefits are sometimes the only ways that the families are feeding and taking care of their children.

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The two child limit is now forcing more and more children in poverty. Families who used to lean on the benefits are now not being able to take care of their children and cannot feed them nutritional and healthy food. Now, mothers are feeling "trapped" if they accidentally get pregnant with a third child. Many mom's who would not otherwise consider such a thing are now considering terminating their pregnancies because they know that they will not be able to feed their child. Most of the reasons for accidental babies are due to contraception failures.

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There have been many campaigns trying to stop this new law. They feel like this is "cruel" because the law makes it seem like one child is more important than another just because of the birth order that they fall. The two-child limit was part of a huge group of changes back in 2015. The changes were to help reduce the spending on working-age families. From April 2017, low-income families having a third or subsequent child lost their entitlement to additional support through child tax credit and universal credit, worth £2,780 per child per year.

A new study of the changes showed that an estimated 160,000 families have been affected by the policy to date, while 300,000 children will be pushed into poverty by 2023/24. This new rule was supposed to help eliminate some of their spendings, but it appears to be creating a bigger problem. The change has created more women feeling trapped in their own bodies and "forcing" them to have an abortion if they accidentally if they get pregnant, or they have to push their kids into poverty. They certainly need to make some adjustments to this policy or they might begin to see much bigger problems here soon.

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