10 Weird Symptoms Men Get When Their Partner is Expecting

Since you discovered that you were pregnant, have you observed some peculiar behavior from your partner? Are you surprised that he has developed a severe aversion to the smell of fried onions just like you have?

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Not to worry, as he is probably exhibiting a normal prevalent phenomenon known as Couvade syndrome, where he is simply sharing your pregnancy symptoms! Here are just a few of the other symptoms you can expect from your man throughout your pregnancy:

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10 Anxiety

Your previously hard-core partner may now be just as jittery as you are about the upcoming parenthood responsibilities, especially if he is a new dad. Do not be surprised if he experiences heartburn, insomnia, restlessness, bouts of irritability, or even hypertension.

If his anxiety starts to get out of hand, convince him to reach out to other expecting dads and to avoid shutting you out, as this will make the jitters far more severe. Also, encourage him to see a doctor to ensure that his symptoms have no physical cause.

9 Nausea

The severe nausea you experience due to the sudden surge of pregnancy hormones may not be exclusive to you; your partner may also start throwing up as well. This is caused by the severe anxiety mentioned above or the consumption of comfort food and drastic changes in diet.

This can easily be solved by remaining active, avoiding comfort snacks, and avoiding alcohol consumption. Alcohol is the last thing he wants to be taking if he wants to combat nausea effectively.

8 Switching To The Au-Naturale Lifestyle

Suddenly, your man who previously would have given anything for a good barbeque may switch to a full vegan and natural diet for pregnancy and remove all the processed, canned, and junk food from the fridge. Others will insist on natural birthing techniques while some men go all out and declare vaccination and all other medication as harmful for you and your child.

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In case this happens, have him present at your next ob-gyn's appointment and let him have his worries clarified.

7 Mood Swings

One minute your partner will be just fine, then the next he looks all weepy over a cat food commercial. Or he may overreact to your putting too much sugar in his coffee.

This pregnancy sympathy symptom is quite common and should not strike you as bizarre or hypocritical. Again, do not take any of his emotional outbursts to heart. Support him and treat his emotions as valid; besides, he is expecting too!

6 The Urge To Attend Birthing Classes With You

Many women have an incredibly hard time getting their partners to accompany them for ob-gyn appointments and keep up with their birthing class schedule, but yours is more than glad to book them for you. He will be the exact opposite of many carefree dads who know nothing about pregnancy.

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He will not only go with you but also ask questions, take notes, buy books, Google all the jargon, et cetera. Again, this level of support can really come in handy, so enjoy it!

5 Changes In Sexual Desire

Just as your sex drive will change with your body chemistry, look out for similar alterations in your partner’s sexual appetite as well. While you might feel a sexual surge in your second trimester or feel too exhausted for sex, he may either get turned on by your new glow or be stunned at the responsibilities to come. Other men experience apprehension at the prospect of hurting the baby during sex, while others feel excited and jazzed up at the idea of the new family member.

You need not worry about this, as sex is not the only way to be intimate. The basics (holding hands, cuddling, and hugs) will come in handy (assuming your doctor clears you and you both are not in the mood).

4 Nesting

Many women feel the need to start preparing their home, from baby proofing to getting some new furniture, cleaning up, and keeping all potential hazards at bay. What you may not see coming, however, is your man rearranging everything in readiness for baby’s arrival, throwing out stuff he previously loved and thinks will be a threat to baby’s safety.

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This is one of the sympathy pregnancy symptoms that you can leverage to get you some rest. If he does not mind, why not let him do all the heavy lifting?

3 Weight Gain

While weight gain is to be expected for you, do not be shocked if your man gains a few pounds as well. Most men actually gain up to 14 pounds during their significant other’s pregnancy! Most of this weight gain can be attributed to the stress hormone Cortisol, which is another reason why your partner needs to address any alarming levels of anxiety. Cortisol is associated with an increase in visceral fat around the belly,

Another reason why he may be gaining weight? You guessed it: he is having pregnancy cravings and snacking just as much or even more than you are. To help with this issue, try stocking up the pantry with healthier snack alternatives like fruit, and let him open up about his worries to reduce their impact on his wellbeing.

2 Pain And Discomfort

Another intriguing symptom your man may exhibit during your pregnancy is leg pain, headaches, backaches, and other types of pregnancy discomfort that you would typically experience. Research still hinges these aches and pains to changes in his psyche; maybe he is seriously worried about his upcoming parenthood role. Other studies suggest that he may feel 'envious' of your ability to carry a child and give life!

Whatever the issue plaguing him, taking painkillers will only be a short term fix; communication will be the only permanent solution to his discomfort.

1 Being Incredibly Overprotective

Before, your partner may not have cared where you went after work or the impact gardening and other hobbies may have on you. However, now that you are pregnant, the chemicals used in gardening may be a tad too hazardous for his taste, or you have no business whatsoever driving yourself at night. If he insists on calling the ob-gyn every time you experience some discomfort, it is a sign of Couvade syndrome. He means well, however annoying it may be.

The phenomenon of bringing a new life into the world can bring profound changes to you and your partner as well. Communication, understanding, and mutual support will be vital in ensuring both your wellbeing and his as you prepare for baby's arrival.

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