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10 Celestial Baby Names That Are So Dreamy

Having a hard time settling on a baby name? Perhaps it’s time to look to the stars for inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of the most original names taken from outer space and beyond. From totally ori...

10 Perfect Names For A Virgo Baby

We're just entering Virgo season, which is the perfect time to refocus on details and get to work. As fall is upon us, this practical earth sign season is ideal for working towards goals. If your baby...

10 Baby Name Pairs For Twin Girls

Hearing that you're going to have twins is a super emotional moment. You picture double the cuteness, wonder if you're going to dress them the same, and can't wait to share the good news with everyone...

10 Baby Names Inspired By The Elements

The name you end up giving your child is important. It is going to be how they identify and something they have throughout their whole life. When you select a name for your baby you want to make sure ...

10 Unique Gender Neutral Names

Naming your baby is a difficult choice. It takes time, and a lot of nice names you hear just aren't right for your little one. Many parents nowadays are choosing gender neutral names for their babies....

10 Baby Names Inspired By Strong Women

Choosing a baby name is not an easy task. Some people go with a family name that has been handed down, generation after generation. Many couples go through books and lists of names, narrowing down the...

10 Whimsical Names Inspired By Fairy Tales

It’s so exciting for new parents to pick out a name for their baby and inspiration can be found in the most unlikely places. Why not look to traditional fairy tales and draw from a magical group of na...

10 Strange Baby Names Millennials Love

There's such a thing as brainstorming baby names and coming up with something that is way too out there. Of course, when millennials start families, they want baby names that haven't been chosen a mil...

10 Adorable Russian Names For Girls

Are you looking for names for your new bundle of joy, but having trouble deciding on something that fits? If you are a parent that wants a beautiful, yet slightly unique, name for your little girl, then consider giving Russian a try!


10 Musical Names Inspired By Classic Songs

It can be overwhelming to settle on a name for a baby. There are just too many options to pick from. However, parents can narrow down the list by looking for inspiration in unlikely places. A fun idea would be to take a name from a song title.

10 Offbeat Baby Names That Are Actually Cool

It's easy to see why parents pick out weird baby names. While not every name is going to appeal to everyone, it's tough to realize that the name that you loved so much has been given to every other kid in the neighborhood.

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