Tanzanian President Urging Women To 'Set Ovaries Free' To Boost Economy

The president of Tanzania is encouraging women to have more children because he believes that it will boost the economy.

The president of Tanzania, John Magufuli, says that many other countries with high birth rates such as China, India, and Nigeria have all reaped the benefits of economic benefits. He believes that these countries have many economic benefits due to their large birth numbers. He said that when you have a big population then you naturally build your economy and "that is why China's economy is so huge." He told the women that they need to stop "blocking their ovaries" which we believe he is referring to birth control. And then he continues by suggesting that the women stop blocking their ovaries and to "let their ovaries free." He then continued with his remarks by stating that contraception was for those women who were "too lazy to take care of children."

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The most interesting part about his statement is that Tanzania has one of the largest birth rates in the entire world. The country has a population of about 55 million people. There is an average of 5 children per woman. How many children does he expect women to have?Many critics believe that encouraging women to have more children will not help their economy, but will actually increase poverty. With more children would mean more people to feed. Therefore, more people will go hungry.

As you could imagine many people had a lot to comment on his statements. Tanzania already has such a high population and they are struggling in poverty. So, creating more children and more liabilities is most likely to make matters worst. Especially since mothers already have an average of 5 children that they are trying to take care of and feed. The president should not be the one to tell his people to stop their birth control. That is not his place. He should also not tell his people that they are lazy just because they don't want more children. Taking care of children is a lot of hard work and if women don't believe that they can afford more children then they shouldn't be pressured to bring more children into their family.

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