Tarek El Moussa Accidently Revealed The Sex Of Christina Anstead's Baby

Tarek El Moussa accidentally told TMZ that Christina Anstead was pregnant with a son.

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We recently found out that Flip or Flip star, Christina Anstead and her husband Ant are expecting their first child together. They announced their pregnancy by putting a picture on their Instagram with a picture of their ultrasound and then Ant and Christina blurred out in the background. It was simple, but perfect. The couple seemed so excited to add another child to their family. Christina shortly after shared that her pregnancy was difficult and she was definitely "blind sided" by how difficult her pregnancy was in the first trimester and she was so excited to be in the second trimester. In her first trimester she felt extremely sick and tired. Now that she is further along it has become easier.

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The next step for Christina and Ant was to announce the gender of their little baby! They probably would have done a cute and adorable gender reveal to announce to their fans. However, Christina's ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa, spilled the beans before the couple could publicly announce for themselves.

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Tarek was talking about his ex-wife's new family. He was saying that he was excited for Christina and her new husband. He went on to tell TMZ that everybody knew that the couple was pregnant and that "she's having son." He totally let that information slip! Tarek wasn't intending to ruin the surprise, or to be malicious. He wanted to share how his children were so excited to have a baby brother. Tarek wanted to share that he was very excited for his ex-wife. He just wants Christina to be happy.

When Christina had heard that Tarek spilled the beans she was not upset. She knew that he wasn't trying to do it to be mean and he wasn't trying to ruin the surprise for them. She is very happy that everybody knows the gender and they are excited to be able to tell everybody that they are in fact adding a little boy to their family! Congratulations you two on your upcoming little boy!

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