Target Debuts New Line Of Postpartum-Care Kits For New Moms

Chelsea Hirschhorn has stocked the shelves of Target and Walmart with postpartum care kits to help new moms recover from childbirth. Most people focus on the pains of childbirth while it’s happening, but not many are aware of the physical care needed days after. A woman doesn’t just give birth then is immediately ready to take on the world. Hirschhorn wanted to help her fellow moms through that difficult period that not everyone thinks about.

Hirschhorn is the CEO and founder of Frida Mom: a company created to help moms through the journey of childbirth and childcare. There is a plethora of baby products available for new parents to buy, but there aren’t many that cater to the physical issues new moms experience. No one really talks about the fact that women need adult diapers, sanitizing wipes, or soothing gel for the damage childbirth has done down there.

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The company has created a care package that specifically caters to childbirth recovery. The postpartum-care kits contain important items such as a maxi-pad ice pack to soothe episiotomy stitches or c-section cuts, a squirt bottle to help wash the perineal area, and nursing gowns. The kits come in two options: postpartum care only or labour, delivery, and postpartum recovery. They are available in big retailers like Walmart and Target as well as online.

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The idea came when Hirschhorn experienced childbirth herself. To recover from her episiotomy, the nurses took a newborn’s diaper, stuffed it with ice, taped it back up, and asked her to put it inside her mesh underwear. She was then instructed to sit on it for 20 minutes to help soothe the area. The thought of having to recreate this makeshift ice pack herself all the time seemed ridiculous, and she realized that many moms go through the same thing. With that, she began to develop products that aided with these problems no one seems to have an easy solution for.

In her article in the Atlantic, Hirschhorn points out that once the baby is born, even the doctor’s visits become less frequent. Many changes and issues are happening during that time after childbirth, but not many people are focused on the mother’s recovery because the baby is now present. It’s important not to get too wrapped up in the excitement of having a new human in the world when the mom needs some help recovering.

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