Target Expands To Cater To Customers Missing Babies R Us

Walk into any Target store lately and you're likely to find a number of changes inside. The biggest one? An influx of diapers, baby food, wipes, and toys are causing staff to redesign their aisles to create a section to accommodate these new arrivals. Those arrivals include 30 new lines of accessories for young 'uns all priced at less than $10 each and slated to hit Target shelves on Sunday.

It's a baby boom, so to speak, as Target is making the most of a competitive advantage in the newborn marketplace, especially in trying to take over a share left vacant by the liquidation of Toys R Us and its subsidiary Babies R Us back in 2018.

It's as if Target is walking on air as it seizes the opportunity to grab what used to be Babies R Us turf, which is little wonder why the company has named its baby line Cloud Island. Target even has its competition eagerly awaiting how the retailer will take on the market with a heavily hyped pricing strategy with items on sale for up to 40 percent less than what other merchants are charging.

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Moms everywhere seem to be taking notice. Even headline-grabbing chanteuse Beyonce was recently spotted at a Target hanging around a section that stocked diapers, which the store is hoping will be a flagship inventory item that goes over well. It's a part of the market that is already dominated by the Kimberly-Clark Huggies brand as well as P&G's popular Pampers line. It's not likely Target will successfully upstage either of those familiar products, but considering that the diaper market alone is worth $6 billion, just even a chunk out of that sector would be a windfall.

But if anything, moms will certainly be eyeing pricetags a lot more diligently this year at Target and its competitors. The year has already started with a great deal of uncertainty with a wonky stock market and an economy that's still somewhat topsy-turvy. Factor in the relatively 800,000 workers not getting paid in the federal government shutdown that so far sees no end in sight and savings remain a top priority among struggling and relatively more well-off families.

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