Target Now Selling Halloween Costumes For Kids In Wheelchairs

As if parents needed another reason to love Target, the Minneapolis-based retailer just gave them one!

Even though we are still in the summer months, Target is already preparing for the Halloween season by rolling out their new costume designs pretty early. But a few that are standing out from the crowd include wheelchair-adaptive costumes suitable for children.

According to CBS News, Target’s Hyde and Eek! Boutique range is helping the retailer become more inclusive than ever before by introducing four new Halloween costumes adapted for children with disabilities. Not only is the idea pretty clever, but some of the Halloween costumes are super cute, too.

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The designs allow kids to transform their wheelchair into a few different Halloween get-up, including a pirate ship and a princess carriage. However, the actual pirate and princess costumes are sold separately. Both wheelchair covers use hook and loop closures for a secure fit and can fit in a variety of chair sizes.

The costumes have also been specifically designed to make it easy for kids to get dressed in with openings in the back and wide pant legs.

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A Target spokesperson told CBS News in a statement this past week that based on the response of their Cat & Jack adaptive apparel and their Pillowfort sensory-friendly home items, they’ve decided to come up with something that kids can enjoy for the Halloween season, too, adding that it’s all about the design details.

The spokesperson said, “We're now bringing that spirit of inclusivity to our new Hyde and Eek! Boutique kids' adaptive Halloween costumes, which we hope will bring more ease and joy to our guests' everyday lives."

If that weren’t enough, there’s also a few new options for children with sensory processing difficulties. Their plush shark and unicorn costumes include a flat seam and no tags for a more comfortable feel. Both costumes also feature detachable sections and hidden openings to make them less irritating for children with sensitivities.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that parents have applauded Target for going above and beyond for even their smallest customers. A few years ago, the company also featured a model with braces and arm crutches in their Halloween costume line-up ad.

Many parents commented that the company’s efforts to normalize disabilities in children is what encourages them to stay so loyal to their stores.

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