Run, Don't Walk, To Target's Bullseye's Playground For These Perfect Toddler Toys

Target knows me so well! The mom-favorite Target has the best selection of toys and games for the whole family. It’s almost unfair that they put their Dollar Spot right inside the front door; I think they’re calling it Bullseye’s Playground now. Regardless, that section of sweet deals is always my first stop! Sometimes I find stuff for myself - like a roll-up sun hat that fits like a dream. Most of the time I’m on the lookout for affordable toys for my toddlers. Even though Target isn’t paying me to say this (ahem, Target!) I’ll shout it from the rooftops: stock up on these must-haves while they last!

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Felt Quiet Books

I can’t get over these super cute felt quiet books! Do you remember felt storyboards from your low-tech elementary school days? These books use the same analog awesomeness to entertain your toddlers for hours on end. With a nice variety of themes, these books are a hit with both of my littles. My son loves his cars & trucks book and I love that the felt pieces store easily in a built-in pocket. They’re only $3 (!!!), which means you should probably just buy all of them.

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Flick And Stick Bugs

I’m probably just a four-year-old in an old body, because I LOVE playing with these stretchy sticky critters! Grab the long tail and fling these bugs at your car window, the bathroom, mirror, the refrigerator door...basically anywhere smooth enough for them to stick. They will inevitably become covered in hair and lint, but who cares? They’re cheap and plentiful and provide toddler-friendly sensory play!

Super Cute Baby Toddler Sunglasses

No lies, my daughter gets more compliments on her pineapple sunglasses than I can count. She even got a shoutout on our local radio station during our Freedom Festival parade today! The DJ pointed her out as she grinned and waved at him. For only $1 each, I might go back and grab a few replacements!

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Dress-Up Hats & Clothes

Let your toddler’s imagination run wild with these dress-up hats and clothes! Target’s selection rotates seasonally, but I’ve found everything from lab coats to aprons in Bullseyes’ Playground. No, they’re not going to last forever to become family heirlooms. But your toddler is going to make so many great memories that WILL last a lifetime! What do they want to be today?

Usually I can find coordinating toy sets that pair with the dress-up clothes I mention above. For just a few bucks your kid can use their imagination and creativity to transform into a nurse, a vet tech, a physicist, a systems engineer, a construction worker, or even a custodian! Each kid comes with several themed toys but no storage pouch, so grab a bin from the next aisle over.

Bubble "Guns"

The $4 bubble gun is absolutely my son’s favorite toy of the summer! Unlike the more expensive battery-operated alternatives, this gun blows bubbles when you squeeze the trigger in a rapid-fire burst. The attached bubble bottle is easy to remove and refill for hours of sensory fun!

Target totally has my number, y’all! Beyond the toys, what's not to love about Target's awesome new nursing rooms for moms of nurslings? Gotta love a store that knows its customer. And Bullseye's Playground has some of the best toys for the season! These budget-friendly toys are perfect for fast fun with your toddler. Which are your favorite finds?

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