10 Magical Tarot-Inspired Baby Names

People have drawn inspiration from the tarot since the mid 15th century. The first decks were filled with religious imagery and were used to play various games. Modern decks are filled with mystical imagery and many use them as tools in divination.

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Many find tarot cards fascinating and can't resist having them read. They're steeped in history and mysticism that capture imaginations around the world. If you're a lover of tarot you'll probably adore these baby names inspired by the most famous deck of cards in the world.

10 Joan

The original tarot cards were inspired by the Catholic faith and the history of the Roman empire. The card we now know as "The High Priestess" was once "The Popess". It's rumored that this card was named for the mighty pope Joan who rose to her position while disguised as a man. The name Joan means "God is gracious". It's a sweet name for any little lady and represents a great and powerful card. "The High Priestess" is associated with intrigue, secrets and powerful female energy.

9 Hermes

Representing ambition creativity and common sense "The Magician" has always been a popular card. Many associate this card with the Greek god Hermes. He's the god of trickery, entrepreneurship, and messengers. The name literally means "to bind or hold together". If your little man is the glue in your sweet family this may be the perfect tarot inspired name for him. It has the added bonus of being rich in history and uncommon. Your little boy will certainly turn heads with this mythological name.

8 Charlemagne

"The Emperor" card wasn't necessarily inspired by a real-life figure. Seeing as the original deck drew its characters from the Holy Roman empire. Knowing that it's easy to draw a line between this powerful card and the conqueror Charlemagne. "The Emperor" represents masculine energy, power, and control. The name Charlemagne means "Charles the great" and is certainly a fitting title for any tiny king. For boys born with strong leadership skills, this name will honor their strong personality.

7 Adelaide

"The Empress" represents fertility, beauty, and desire. It's believed that the card was inspired by Empress Adelaide. This powerful woman was once the wife of a wealthy duke in Italy. He was betrayed, murdered and his lands seized by a political rival. Adelaide was taken prisoner but the clever woman had a plan. She wrote to Otto I of Germany and offered her hand in marriage uniting their lands if he came to her rescue. He came to her at once and the two ruled side by side as emperor and empress of the Holy Roman Empire. This pretty name has a rich history and fittingly means "noble".

6 Eve

"The Lovers" card is thought to represent the first man and woman in Eden. The card represents passion, temptation, choice, and romance. Who else could the Catholic church be referencing but Adm and Eve?

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This name is sure to be warmly received. Shorter names have been growing in popularity. What better symbol of female history and power than the legendary first woman?

5 Lucky

If you're looking for a playful name inspired by the tarot this may be a perfect choice. "The Wheel" often features the goddess Fortuna, you guessed it, the goddess of luck. This card represents transitions, opportunities, and sudden changes. This is the perfect name for either a boy or a girl. Whether you choose it as a blessing wishing your child good fortune or as a prediction of an adaptable nature it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

4 Sage

"The Hermit" represents introspection and guidance. It often foretells of wisdom to be gained. In many decks "The Hermit" depicts a wizened old man carrying a staff and a lantern lighting the way with his knowledge. The name Sage is used to honor a wise person. This is the perfect name for any baby with an old soul. If your little one is born possessing knowledge beyond their years you may feel moved by "The Hermit".

3 Courage

"The Chariot" represents bravery, pride, confidence, and honor. It features a noble warrior riding a chariot pulled by two beasts, either horses or sphynxes. This is a complex card that can be interpreted in many ways.

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Neither negative nor positive on its own this card may inspire a name for a multifaceted child with a complex personality. Perhaps one who is proud but also acts honorably. Honor itself would be another fine name inspired by this card.

2 Justice

The card "Justice" represents intelligence, objectivity, and responsibility. These are all fine traits to encourage and celebrate in any child. The name is equally appropriate for either boys or girls. The card is strongly associated with the goddesses Minerva and Athena and often depicts either of them. You could easily choose either goddess's name if this card moves you. Any child named Justice is sure to be a peacemaker and lover of reason. It's unique enough to stand apart but sound enough to garner respect.

1 Morty

"Death" may be the most misunderstood card in the deck. Many often see the grim visage on the card's face and assume the worst. Far from being all doom and gloom, this card is not the spooky death sentence it's often made out to be. The card has been sensationalized by Hollywood for drama but it's not to be taken literally. Death symbolizes the end of an era or a chapter in life. You may feel that the birth of your child is the end of your life before him and the beginning of your life together. A classic name like Mortimer can provide a subtle nod to this death of the old. For those inspired by the macabre, this name is a fitting choice. It's subtle and not at all morbid. The nickname Morty even brings a playful mood to the name that only you will know honors "Death".

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