Please Teach Your Children To Not Touch Babies

I walk all four of my children to drop off my 5-year-old at kindergarten in the morning and then pick him up in the afternoon. I push my newborn and my 2-year-old in my double stroller. Then my 4 and 5-year-old walk alongside me. I usually cover up my newborn so that she is protected and that nobody is tempted to touch her. She is only a month old and so she is still very young. People are usually very respectful and don't touch the little one, but kids don't have that same self-control.

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I was walking my kids down to the school like usual and my newborn was screaming. I parked my stroller and I pulled back her cover and was trying to soothe her with a binki until I could get home and feed her. A little girl walked up to me and pushed her way in front of me to see the baby. I had no idea who she was and her mother was just standing there while watching her daughter get closer.

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Then the little girl puts her hand into the stroller and starts rubbing the baby's head and face. I nicely and calmly say, "Oh please don't touch her. She is way too small and young to handle being touched." The little girl looked at me as if nobody had ever told her "no" before. She walked back to her mother. I looked at her mom and I thought her mom was going to say "oh sorry" or she was going to explain to her daughter not to touch the baby. Instead, the mother gave me the nastiest look! She gave me a look like, "um...my daughter can do whatever she wants."

I wish I didn't have to take my daughter out to an elementary school where a whole bunch of germs and gross kids roam. I wish that I could protect her for the first few months of her life but that is not an option. Although I had a new baby, life continues and I still have my roles as a mother. I still have to take my other 3 kids to places and so naturally my daughter has to come too!

Please, teach your children to not touch little babies! Your child should not be touching a baby's head, mouth, or any other part of them. I am sure that if I didn't stop her I am sure she would have leaned in to kiss my baby and that would have made me lose my mind. Please nicely explain to your child about how little babies can't fight off germs like older kids and adults. Explain to your child that they can look at a baby but they should never touch the baby. I shouldn't have to tell your child to not touch babies. That is your job!

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