Teacher Reads Books Every Week On Facebook Live To Ensure Her Elementary Students Have A Bedtime Story

A principle in Texas wanted to stay connected to her students and so she started reading to them on Facebook once a week!


It is so important for children to get read to every single day. Stacy Straight, a former teacher's specialist at an elementary school said, "you would be surprised how many kid's come into kindergarten not even knowing that books go from left to right." The children who don't know which way to read, or that books go from left to right, are the children who have never been read to at home." Straight comments that she can immediately tell if parents are reading to their children, or if a child doesn't even have book at home.

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Dr. Belinda George, a principle at Homer Drive Elementary in Beaumont, Texas, refuses to let her children go without a book at home. George knows the importance of reading and literature, but she is also very realistic in the fact that many children do not get bedtime stories. In fact, many parents let their learning and reading come from media devices. George decided to utilize this parental weakness and started doing a Facebook Live group called, "Tucked In Tuesday." Every Tuesday night, George logs onto Facebook and reads a bedtime story to her students.

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George has only be doing the Tucked-In-Tuesdays for a few months now, but she has gained quite a bit of attention. Her story has now become viral. She has over 1,000 consistent viewers. Many of her followers are students who aren't even students at her school. George said that she started Tucked-In-Tuesday when her students went on Christmas 2018 break and she knew that she was going to miss them and wanted to find a way that she could stay connected to her kids.

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George assumed that many of the parents were going to just throw their child in front of Facebook and let them read with their principle. George said that all of the students watch with their parents and their parents are sitting right there next to them while they watch, read, and follow along. The kids also get to interact with the story and George has a fun time communicating with her students and she even gets to call them by name. It has been such a wonderful experience and the world needs more people like George!

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