Teachers Fail To Intervene After Child With Down Syndrome Falls Off School Bus

Pennsylvania mom wants justice after her 7-year-old son with Down Syndrome fell off the school bus and suffered several injuries.

The incident happened on June 5, when Michael Perrin, the youngest son of Elizabeth Aguero, 52, was on his way to school, Resica Elementary School in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania on the school bus. He must have been on the bus for about 45 minutes before the family got a call from the school officials to come and get the boy.

Aguero told PEOPLE, “They told me there was an incident and that my son was bleeding. I needed to get there immediately and [they asked], 'Should [we] call an ambulance?' It's hard to describe. It was horrible. It was hard to see my baby covered in blood."

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On rushing to the hospital, she saw her boy crying in pain. The child had a blackened eye and several significant red scratches covering most of his face. Two nurses were attending to him, but none could give a clear account of how the incident happened.

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He was so tiny and so innocent ....🛑🛑UPDATE🛑🛑Michael is taking it day by day he is still in pain and is still suffering side effects from that fall because he needed to see so many specialist for his injuries it was hard to get a date for all of them so they can follow the line of order we do live in the mountains it’s very rural ....we are waiting to see a neurologist to figure out the extent of the damages internally behind his fractures and tissue swelling he suffered sensitivity to light on his hurt eye this time please be patient and stay with us we are waiting for the videos to be released into our hands confinue to share continue to tag you think Michaels story got international just wait for that video(WE’ve made all the steps to get it ) ...they thought we were a stupid little Spanish family from New York who wouldn’t have the balls to fight for what’s right against a school district ...GOD DONT LIKE UGLY ...and they’re all about to get a look at their reflection #justiceformichael #cardib #tmz #cnn #abcworldnewstonight #thereal #theview #news #dailynews #abcnews #kimkardishan #kyliejenner #wendywilliams #vonlathan #vanjones #downsyndromeangel #savedownsyndrome #globaldownsyndrome #protectourkids #specialneeds #justiceformichael #downsyndromelivesmatter #blacklivesmetter #latinolivesmatter #minoritylivesmatter 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑SHARE HIS STORY TAG EVERYONE🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑 @people published it @iamcardib share it @dreamdoll shared it @star_brim5 shared it @imericacampbell biggest female gospel group Mary Mary @msbellaimage celebrity beauty specialist shared it pEopl from all over the world from Canada Morocco to Mexico Italy and it keeps going KEEP IT GOING WE HAVE A BIG FIGHT AND WE NEED EVERYONE BEHIND US WE NEED #justiceformichael this is about a child of color with special needs who’s safety was neglected we don’t want money we want justice we want change my brother and my mother are still suffering this trauma 🙏🏼the full story is on my page

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Upon taking Perrin to St. Luke’s Hospital’s Monroe Campus, doctors determined that along with the swollen, leaking eye, the boy had two fractures.

“Nobody wants to see their child hurt. There was no reason for my son to fall on his head,” she told PEOPLE through tears. “It’s hard. They said they don’t know exactly what happened. The school wouldn’t allow me to see the [surveillance video].”

To understand how the child could get hurt so badly, Aguero urged the school officials to show her the footage, but she was refused. So, she had to file a police report with Pennsylvania State Police.


Later the footage obtained by the police from the school officials verified that the boy fell. However, Aguero is still disturbed, and she can't understand how a child with special needs be not given distinctive care and attention. She is clueless as to what the teachers on the bus where doing when the incident took place!

Through her tears, she says, “I don’t want this to happen to another kid. Another kid may not survive this” She wants justice for her child who has been into trauma post the event, “I want better training. Michael is not the first, but I want him to be the last. No one should have immunity against child negligence. That was total negligence. Michael is a special needs child. I want justice.”

Michael’s brother Angel Rivera shared this event on social media to let the world know how his little brother’s face and eyes were severely hurt.

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“My little brother attends Resica Elementary and has Down syndrome, he was injured at school,” Rivera wrote.

My little brother attends resica elementary and has Down syndrome. He was injured at school. My mom is asking the...

Posted by Angel Rivera on Friday, June 7, 2019

The family is trying their best to make the kid happy and to ensure him a healthy, secure life.

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