Teachers Leave Kids Badly Sunburnt After Refusing To Help Apply Sunscreen

A group of parents are outraged after their kids returned from school with severe sunburns, and it was reportedly because their teachers refused to help them apply sunscreen.

According to Heart.co.uk, UK teachers are cautious about applying sunscreen to their students as they’re afraid of being accused of child abuse, if someone were to take their actions out of context.

However, many parents find refusing to ensure kids apply sunscreen is unacceptable and dangerous, which is why one parent has launched a position in hopes of changing things.

Welsh dad Leigh O’Connor has been collecting signatures around his neighbourhood after learning that not only were some teachers refusing to apply the SPF, but they were outright discouraging kids from bringing it to school. O’Connor is frustrated that every school appears to have their own individual policy on how to deal with the matter, leading to inefficiency.

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"It started up recently with the hot weather. It seems to be that every school has a different policy,” the upset dad explained. "My son's school doesn't allow it [bringing in sun cream]. It's a bit of a nightmare, really.”

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The petition emphasizes the danger children remain in if nothing is changed. "All children are at risk when in school or on school trips of sunburn. This not only has short term health issues but also long term such as skin cancer,” O’Connor’s petition states. "There are many options for this that do not involve the teachers having to touch the children if this is an issue,” it continued.

O’Connor added that schools have been prompted to change their guidelines only after a child is seriously injured, something he hopes to prevent. So far, his campaign has gotten positive responses from fellow parents.

"I have had quite a lot of feedback from other parents - one mum told me there were three incidents where her child burned before the school changed policy,” he revealed.

O’Connor’s petition is set to go to the Welsh Assembly in the near future where the committee will be decided if and how to apply any changes. Dave Evans, the Wales Secretary for the NUT, said it’s likely that a rule will be introduced only allowing teachers to apply sunscreen to their student’s face, neck, and arms.

Still, he foresees that schools will likely remain responsible for their own policies. "Each school should have a policy on the administration of sunscreen,” he explained. “Which encourages parents and carers to provide children with their own, as well as encouraging them to provide children with suitable long-sleeved clothing and wide-brimmed hats.”

He added employees are cautioned to apply SPF at their own risk. "Our members can apply sunscreen in certain circumstances, but this will be with written permission from parents and a suitable risk assessment carried out,” Evans explained.

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