The Tears Come To Tamron Hall During Her Third Trimester

Tamron Hall said that she is full of emotions as she has entered into her third trimester. She sometimes just breaks down in tears.


Tamron Hall has entered into her third pregnancy! The 48-year-old, t-v host, has been gleaming her entire pregnancy, but now that she is in her third trimester she can't help but be grateful for making it this far. Tamron and her husband, Steve Greener, are very excited to have able to have their child.

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Hall shared that the third trimester has made her completely speechless. Tamron that they are never out of words and yet during this pregnancy, she can't help but be at a lost for words because she has no words to describe how thankful she is for this baby. Hall admits that the third trimester has sometimes brought her to tears.

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Tamron is so very excited to have a baby! She said that she has been spending the last nine months googling things about her pregnancy. She said that she has looked up a million times about water breaking and baby dropping. When Hall confessed to her fans about the fact that she was terrified that she was going to have her water break her fans started saying that they had the same worries. One fan wrote that she actually wore adult diapers in the last couple of weeks because she was so paranoid about having her water break in public. Another fan told Tamron that pregnancy, labor and delivery are full of unexpected surprises, so "expect the unexpected."

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Hall is so very excited to be able to have her baby come. She said that it should be "any day now" and that she can't wait to be able to hold her child in her arms. Hall and Greener can't wait until they get to call themselves parents! They are full of emotions! We are so excited for you guys to have a baby and we are stoked to see amazing pictures.

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