Mom Hilariously Refuses To Help Teen Care For Simulator Baby

Many students in high school take a Child Development class. While in the class they have them take turns bringing home a simulated baby. The baby will cry if it is hungry, wet, tired, or just because it wants to cry. The baby is supposed to simulate a real baby and their needs. The reason for the simulator baby is to show young teens how difficult it is to take care of a baby. The simulated baby is to show how tiring and time consuming it will be as a parent and how you are just not ready for it as teenagers. Of course, taking care of a real baby is much more difficult, but this is as close as teens can get to the real deal. Teens typically have a bottle, change their diaper and rock them. They also have a watch synced to the baby to soothe the child. The baby can then be linked to the computer to see how "well" the student did. The technology will be able to tell if the baby was dropped, if it cried for too long, or if the head was ever let to fall backward.

One mother explains her experience with her 14-year-old teen bringing home the little baby. The teenager brought home her baby in her arms and she happily named her baby William. Her daughter tried to take care of William the best that she could. She would rock him, feed him, change his diaper and attend to all the needs that a baby has.

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The mom shares how one evening her daughter, Olivia, walked into her room with a crying baby in her arms. It was 3:00 in the morning and the mom leaned up to watch her daughter sobbing right along with little baby William. The young girl begged for her mother to feed William, so she could get a few hours of sleep because she was so exhausted. Her mother had very little sympathy for the "teenage mother" and responded with the amazing response, "yeah, no. Sorry honey, you are on your own."


Olivia's mom could not help but be amused by the assignment. The baby would cry every time that Olivia would sit down to eat dinner. It was like the baby knew that Olivia was just about to eat. Olivia said that it was the worst and she was so exhausted. Olivia ended up failing the assignment because she didn't rock the baby as much as it needed to be rocked. She also didn't have a proper hold. The simulator showed that Olivia held baby William wrong so that she broke his neck 7 times. Olivia was so frustrated by the assignment because she thought that she did everything to care for that baby and she still failed! Olivia's mother said that her daughter hated the assignment, but it taught Olivia what it was supposed to teach her.

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