Teen Gives Birth On Club Dance Floor, Baby Granted Free Entry For Life

A 19-year-old girl recently gave birth on the dancefloor in a club in France. Owners are giving the baby free entry for life to celebrate the momentous experience. But the baby gets no other special privileges and has to wait until they turn legal drinking age to attend the club.

Monday morning at approximately 5:30 am, a teen at O'Club in Toulouse located in France had given birth just as the club was closing as reported by French newspaper La Depeche. The teen showed no signs of drinking or intoxication at the time she gave birth according to the club owners, staff and medical professionals. Luckily for the teen and club owners, it wasn't a busy night at the club and not many people were on the dancefloor while the teen was giving birth.

"There wasn't a lot of people left in the place and one of my members of staff came over to me and said, 'it's urgent'," the club's owner Marie-Helene told La Depeche.

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Workers at the club rushed to help the teen and newborn baby. They called the emergency line and they were given instructions on how to deliver the baby safely. They were able to deliver a safe and healthy baby and ensured the teen was safe post-delivery. The club owners expressed to the French newspaper they were shocked but they all sprung into action to help the mother until the medical professionals arrived. The club owners admitted this was the most unusual thing that has ever happened at the club to date.

It's not known if the teen was aware if she was pregnant or not. She did state in the French newspaper that she was at the club with her friends because they invited her out to get her mind off of her personal issues. There's no report on the baby's name or gender. The owners are still shocked the baby was born on the dance floor —literally.

It’s rare but not impossible to not realize you’re pregnant or even ready to give birth. The frequently cited British Medical Journal claims that surprise births, particularly Berlin are ”about three times more often than triplets.” The common factor in surprise births seems to be irregular periods. Women who have irregular periods have a higher tendency to miss early pregnancy signs. Other reasons a woman might not notice early signs of pregnancy include polycystic ovary syndrome, underweight athlete or anorexic.

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