Teen Gives Birth Just 45 Minutes After Waking Up With An Unexpected Baby Bump

A Glasgow teenager, who says she went to bed with a flat stomach and woke up with a baby bump, ended up giving birth just 45 minutes later. Emmalouise Leggate, 19, claims she was on the pill and had no idea she was pregnant until she woke up with a baby bump.

Her grandmother Louise Ford, 63, took Emmalouise to the hospital, yet the teenager was so far along that she ended up having the baby in the car park just 45 minutes after waking up. She says that during the undetected pregnancy she felt no morning sickness or food cravings. The teen, who has another child with boyfriend Sean Lamont, 19, also claims her baby never kicked and chalked her absent periods up to the pill.

Doctors say that Ciara Louise Lamont, now eight months old, was full-term when she was born, yet Emmalouise's lack of bump was the result of the baby being positioned near her lower back. Despite complete lack of prenatal care, Ciara was born healthy, weighing 7lbs 12oz on July 17 2018. “My nana was in that much shock that she didn't want to believe it. We were really lucky she was okay,” Emmalouise says.

Emmalouise's grandmother helped deliver the baby and wrapped the two in a blanket in the back of her car. The mother and daughter stayed in the hospital for two days to ensure the baby was healthy. The teenager says she had put on some weight, but it was mostly across her arms, legs and face her stomach. Emmalouise lives at home with her mother Jackie Ford and one-year-old daughter Caoimhe Lamont.

Sadly, Louise Ford passed away in October, but her great-granddaughter was named Ciara Louise in her memory. For now, Emmalouise says she won’t tell Ciara about the circumstances surrounding her birth until she is older. On the birth certificate, however, it says that she was born outside hospital premises. Though Emmalouise is happy with her new daughter, she has chosen to change her contraception to avoid any more surprise pregnancies.

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Cryptic or stealth pregnancy, a lack of awareness of pregnancy until the end of gestation, is rare, occurring in only one out of every 475 cases. In the United States, most women discover that they’re pregnant within 5 to 12 weeks after conception. After missing a period, a home pregnancy test will generally show a positive result, and additional testing through urine and blood, as well as an ultrasound will confirm the pregnancy. Most people will notice symptoms like tender and swollen breasts, mood swings, fatigue, and nausea early on during the first trimester.

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