Teen Has Rapist’s Baby But Too Scared To Go To Police, Rapist Denies It Though DNA Proves It

It’s almost impossible to imagine someone actually feeling a sense of justice after experiencing trauma. It takes a lot of courage for someone to come forward about being attacked. And then to take a stand in a courtroom against the person who hurt them seems unbearable. Hopefully for a young teenager who delivered a baby conceived by rape, she can recognize how her decisions during that time led to the sentencing of her assailant.

In Hull England, Quaser Abas 37, has been sentenced to 12 years in jail after a five day trial for the rape of a teenage girl. The young girl’s identity and age have not been disclosed, but it has been made public that she recently delivered a baby. A paternity test confirmed that Abas is the child’s father, which disproves his previous claims that the teenager and her family “fabricated” their accusations against him.

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Judge David Tremberg gave powerful  reasoning for the 12 year sentence by stating, “Having had her child, the DNA (proof) that you were its father was overwhelming but you continued to protest your innocence instead of showing remorse, running your case that she had somehow fabricated it and the DNA must have been contaminated. Confronted with the decision of what to do she decided to keep the child and that has changed the path of her life.” By making such an adult decision in a traumatic situation, this teenager was able to see that man be put behind bars.

From the trial, jurors learned that the girl didn’t know she was pregnant until she visited her doctor for a routine visit. A blood test confirmed that she was 23 weeks pregnant. Though the teenager said she was “scared” to tell her mother or the authorities what had happened, she did the bravest thing anyone could do in that situation. She kept the baby and gave birth. The teen admitted, “I didn’t want the baby but now it is here I wouldn’t change it for the world.” She also said she is glad to have spoken out, even if it took time to gather up the courage to say something. 

The girl’s mother told the court that the subject is still pretty unspoken in their house. All she wanted was to keep her daughter safe, and then the worst happened. She regrets that Abas “has taken her [daughter’s] childhood away” and that her daughter “had to grow up so fast”. She continues on to say that she didn’t expect to become a grandmother this way, but that she loves her grandchild.

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The grandmother also worries about the day when this whole event will be explained to the grandchild. It is a valid concern, but could be helped by changing the focus of the conversation. Perhaps instead of focusing on the traumatic event that took place, the conversation should be about the mother’s choice to keep the baby. With time, the young mother can talk more about her bravery and strength throughout the whole ordeal, and not talk about being “scared” to tell the truth.

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