'Teen Mom': 10 Things That Are Way Too Wild (And 10 Ways Even Older Moms Can Relate To The Show)

If we said that reality television was easy to relate to, we might get some strange looks from people. After all, we associate the genre with shows like Survivor that feature people trying to win a competition on an island or The Real Housewives franchise which is full of fights. We don't tend to watch these shows and think that they are a perfect reflection of our daily lives.

There is one reality series that is actually pretty relatable, and that's Teen Mom. The show has been on the air for a really long time: the spin-off of 16 and Pregnant premiered in 2009 and season seven ended in December 2018. The girls struggle with things that many moms have to deal with, from being tired from taking care of babies and toddlers to trying to find love to some conflict with relatives. Despite some of the more talked about scenes, there is still a lot to look at and try to walk a mile in their shoes.

Moms of all ages can relate to the show, even if some things seem like a bit too much. Here are 10 ways that even older moms can relate to the show, along with 10 things that are way too wild.

Let's start with the 10 ways the show is relatable...

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20 Catelynn And Tyler Only Wanted The Best For Their Child


Catelynn and Tyler are best known for their decision to give their baby girl, Carly, up for adoption when they were teenagers. It was a really grown-up choice (and it would have been hard for older moms to do, too, of course).

When the couple appeared on 16 and Pregnant, Catelynn and Tyler made it clear that they only wanted the best for their child. They were both still living at home and getting through school, and they just didn't have the means to raise a baby and give her a good life. Even older moms can relate to wanting to do the right thing for their child, even if that means finding them another family.

19 Maci Started A Family With Someone New And Her Son Has To Get Used To It

via:In Touch Weekly

Maci found true love with Taylor McKinney and it's been beautiful to watch them grow their family. It seems like Taylor has been a great step-dad to the son that Maci shares with her ex Ryan, Bentley, and that these two get along well.

But it's definitely true that Bentley has had to get used to the fact that his mom has gotten married and that he has two father figures in his life. Even if the show doesn't technically focus on this since everything goes smoothly, it's still something worth pointing out. If an older mom has gotten remarried and has stepkids, she can relate to Maci here.

18 Catelynn And Tyler Are Honest About Their Marriage Problems


With age comes maturity and lots of wisdom. Older moms know that sometimes, loving someone isn't enough to keep a family together and that divorce can, unfortunately, occur even when a couple thinks that would never happen to them.

Catelynn and Tyler have been super honest about their marriage problems on Teen Mom OG. We have watched them talk about this and we have seen them crying about how tough things have been. This is another aspect of Teen Mom that even older moms can relate to because if they have struggled in their own relationship, they know that for some, this is the reality of falling in love with someone and starting a family.

17 All The Women Have To Settle Differences With Family Members Or Learn To Get Along Better

via:Teen Mom News

Amber and Catelynn haven't always had the best relationship with their families, and fans of Teen Mom are all too familiar with the way that Farrah Abraham and her mom, Debra, have fought in almost every scene that they're in together.

Older moms can watch this show and see that the girls have had to settle differences with their relatives or learned how they can get along better, often for the sake of their kids. Dealing with family conflict is something that every mom goes through, no matter what their age. Whether your mom thinks that you're doing something wrong with your own kids or you can't stop fighting, it can be tough to get along all of the time.

16 Maci Has To Co-Parent And It Can Be A Struggle


Even older moms can relate to the struggles that Maci Bookout has experienced with her ex, Ryan. When she got pregnant in high school, she probably didn't anticipate that her boyfriend wouldn't want to raise the child and that they would have so many relationship problems.

There have been many moments on Teen Mom when Maci has been trying to talk to Ryan and get him to be more involved in Bentley's life. There are many text messages that Ryan doesn't answer and Maci is often super frustrated. Co-parenting is something that many moms must deal with, and this is a relatable aspect of the show.

15 Amber Doesn't Get To See Her Daughter All The Time But Strives To Be An Amazing Mom


While older moms (and moms of any other age, really) can't necessarily relate to the trouble that Amber Portwood has been in, older moms can definitely relate to how much she loves her daughter, Leah. Because of her background, Amber doesn't have full custody so she doesn't get to see her daughter all the time.

But Amber tries her best to be an amazing mom and when we watch her with Leah, we can see this. Even older moms can relate to Amber as a mom because every mom, no matter what their age, wants their child to feel adored and cared for.

14 Solo Moms Can Relate To Bristol's Storylines

The Washington Post

If an older mom watches Teen Mom these days, she'll see that Bristol is one of the new women on the show. Bristol's storyline is about her being a solo mom so this is something that any solo mom can relate to, even if she's a decade or so older.

It's awesome that Bristol has been added to the series since this is something that makes her different from the others. If an older mom is raising her kids on her own, she might tune in and see that Maci, Amber, and Catelynn are married and not be able to relate to them on that level, but she can definitely see herself in Bristol.

13 Amber Has Grown Up On The Show And She Proves That Changing For The Better Is Totally Possible

Entertainment Tonight

Fans of Teen Mom who have watched the show since the beginning can see a huge change in Amber. She was often frustrated and upset with the way that her life was going, she and her ex Gary didn't get along at all, and she didn't seem very optimistic about the future.

Amber has grown up so much in front of the Teen Mom cameras and now she has a new baby and has found love. When we think about her evolution, we see that Amber proves that changing for the better is totally possible. She is inspiring, and even older moms can watch her on the show and think, "That's awesome."

12 Maci Has Shared That She Has PCOS And Shows That No One's Life Is Perfect


Recently, Maci has been open about the fact that she has PCOS, a health condition that means that you have more male hormones than female. This can affect fertility and pregnancy and causes women to lose their period.

Maci's story is an unfortunate reality for many women, and moms of any age can tune into Teen Mom and see that no one's life is perfect... even a woman who stars on a reality series and seems to have it all, from a beautiful marriage and adorable kids to a business that she runs with her husband and a gorgeous house. It's a good reminder that everyone has their own struggles.

11 Catelynn Shows That Being A Mom Doesn't Mean You Never Have Any Personal Struggles


Over the past few seasons, Catelynn has spoken about going to therapy and taking the time to work on herself. She has had many personal struggles and she shows that even someone who has been blessed with a husband and daughters can still go through really tough periods.

For many women, starting a family is the ultimate dream and it seems like everything will be wonderful once that dream is achieved. Older moms who have lots of life experience know that there are still ups and downs in life, and they can definitely relate to Catelynn and what she shares on the show.

And now for the 10 moments that were way too wild...

10 The Infamous Incident When Amber Went After Gary And It Was A Big Fight

OK! Magazine

Fans of Teen Mom remember that back in the day, Amber and Gary were a couple and it seemed obvious to everyone that they were totally wrong for each other. All we have to do is think about the infamous incident when Amber went after him and we're super confident that breaking up was the right thing for these two to do.

This big fight goes down in the history of reality TV moments that are pretty wild. And it would definitely be too wild for older moms. If our own moms watched this episode with us, they would say that it was truly bad behavior.

9 Farrah Is Involved In Some *Interesting* Work Projects


Although Farrah is no longer on Teen Mom, it's safe to say that her legacy is still a big part of the pop culture landscape. It's impossible to forget that the reason why she is off the show is that she has been involved in some inapt work projects. MTV felt that this wasn't what they wanted.

Many older moms would consider Farrah to be a wild reality star. She is famous for yelling at people and being mean and it doesn't seem like she's often in a very good mood. And since she has been famous for a while and seems to be wealthy, moms can't exactly relate to that, either.

8 Cheyenne Is In A Love Triangle And Torn Between Two Father Figures For Her Kid

Reality Blurb

The second new Teen Mom is Cheyenne Floyd. She is dating a guy named Zach but her son's father is a guy named Cory, which means that her son has two father figures. This has, of course, created some drama on the show.

Romper quoted Cheyenne as saying, "Cory is great with me when Zach and I are bad. And Zach is good with me when Cory and I are fighting."

Older moms couldn't really relate to this aspect of the show. It seems like a lot of drama and as we get older, we really want to avoid as much drama as we can. We want a happier, simpler, and more peaceful life.

7 Maci Has Had To Worry About Her Ex Being Around Their Son Bentley

via:Us Weekly

If Gary and Amber's big fight is something that will forever go down in Teen Mom history, then Maci's ex Ryan had a big moment of his own. When he fell asleep while driving and the cameras showed this, it was clear that he has had some personal problems.

Older moms would think that this storyline is way too wild. Since Maci is co-parenting Bentley with Ryan, now she has to worry about Ryan's state-of-mind and leaving her son with him. This isn't your typical parenting problem that everyone has to face, that's for sure, and it is incredibly dramatic.

6 Amber Got A Massive Tattoo Of Her Daughter On Her Stomach


We've heard of getting your partner's name tattooed... but what about a tattoo of your son or daughter? We don't hear about that quite so often.

According to Wetpaint, Amber got a tattoo of her daughter on her stomach. What's so crazy about this is that it's "life-sized." Yup, it's a really huge tattoo. Wetpaint says, "This girl is rocking a life-sized stomach tattoo of her daughter, Leah, which is surrounded by flowers."

Many older moms would never want to get a tattoo... and they definitely wouldn't be interested in getting a tattoo on their stomach, let alone such a massive one. This is something that older moms would agree is way too wild.

5 Farrah Was Driving In A Not So Right State-Of-Mind


Since the girls of Teen Mom have become famous, there are often news stories about their behavior. Farrah is often in the news.

According to Fame 10, in March 2013, Farrah was driving and she wasn't in the right state of mind: "This one is yet another moment where Farrah was a bad role model for her daughter."

This is another aspect of Teen Mom that older moms would have to say is too wild. They just can't relate to this. When you become a mother, you're responsible for your little ones and you have to be really careful about your behavior, and this moment was pretty eyeopening for Teen Mom fans.

4 Older Moms Might Say Amber's Relationships Have Been Too Unstable


Our moms just want us to be happy and find a healthy and happy relationship, and that's what we want for our own children. In Amber's case, she has had many relationships that could be described as unstable. Whether older moms are watching an episode that features Amber and Gary arguing or more recent episodes with Amber and her ex Matt, they would say that these situations are too wild and dramatic.

We can understand how older moms would feel this way since we have had those thoughts, too. But for us, we can relate to enough of the show that we don't mind watching these drama-filled scenes.

3 Farrah Paid Her Daughter $600 When The Tooth Fairy Visited

NY Daily News

It's exciting for both moms and kids when kids start losing their teeth. When we think about it, it's kind of a weird thing, but since children know that they'll be getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy (and some money, of course), they tend to love this.

According to Cheat Sheet, when Farrah's daughter Sophia lost her tooth, Farrah paid her $600. Older moms just can't possibly relate to this. Paying $600 from the "Tooth Fairy" is a lot of money. Older moms would most likely say that even $60 would be too much for losing a tooth. How could a kid need this much cash?!

2 Amber Actually Has Piercings On Both Of Her Hands Which Sounds Unpleasant


According to Wetpaint, Amber has piercings on her hands, which sounds really unpleasant. It's easy to see that older moms would hear about this and think that it extremely uncomfortable.

It's safe to say that many older moms aren't big on piercings. If we ever wanted to get a second piercing in our ears when we were teenagers, our own moms probably make us second guess that decision. Maybe we wanted a nose ring and they definitely weren't okay with that. We can imagine telling our own moms that Amber has hand piercings and seeing the surprised look on her face.

1 Farrah Said Her Daughter 'Has Her Own Life'


According to Cafe Mom, Farrah has said something about her daughter that has been confusing many people. She said, "It's healthy that we have a break. Sophia has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I'm doing mine."

This is a really weird and crazy thing for a mom to say, especially a solo mom who is raising her daughter by herself. It's tough to imagine other moms and especially older moms saying this. Children don't "do their own thing," do they?

Of all the aspects of Teen Mom that older moms would say are way too wild, this seems like it's at the top of the list.

Sources: Wetpaint.com, Cheatsheet.com, Thestir.cafemom.com, Romper.com

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