‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Risked Going To Jail To Take Her Son To Hawaii

The cast of Teen Mom has gotten in trouble with the law for all sorts of bizarre reasons. But most recently, Kailyn Lowry almost wound up in jail all over a family vacation to Hawaii.

During the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, the reality star opened up about how she almost spent time behind bars in July of 2019 when she took her eldest son Isaac, 9, out of state. Kailyn had planned a family vacation to Hawaii during the Fourth of July holiday. The only problem? Her ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera was supposed to have custody of their son during that time. Even though Jo said Isaac couldn’t go on the trip, Kailyn proceeded to take him with her anyways.

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A scene showed Kailyn admitting her wrongdoing to co-star Leah Messer over the phone, who joined Kail on the trip alongside her three daughters.

“I finally heard back from Jo about taking Isaac to Hawaii, and he has an issue with the holiday,” Kailyn told Leah. “I had asked Jo to go to Hawaii, and I’m entitled to vacation days as long as I give notice. So I did all that…but I did not include the first week of July because it was my week and come to find out, the Fourth of July is his holiday,” she continued. “It was truly my mistake, so I basically said, ‘I [screwed] up. Can I just trade you a holiday or give you Christmas?'”

However, Jo wasn’t open to switching holidays. Kailyn said that Jo was unreasonably angry over the situation and she believes he "didn’t want Isaac to go [to Hawaii] in the first place.” The mother-of-three then explained she consulted her lawyer over the issue before taking Isaac along. “He said that if Jo is going to file contempt, worst-case scenario, I could get a fine or go to jail,” she told Leah, admitting she decided to take the risk in the end.

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“If I have to sit in jail for my son to go experience a month in Hawaii, then you’re damn right, I’m going to go sit in jail,” Kailyn added in her defence.

Previously, during an episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kailyn explained she had informed Jo she purchased Isaac a ticket to Hawaii weeks before the vacation. However, she claims Jo never responded. Now, she says her co-parenting relationship with her ex is more strained than ever, admitting “I hate Joe’s guts.”

Unfortunately, fans likely won’t hear Jo’s side of the story during this season of Teen Mom 2. The Ashley confirms the dad-of-two is refusing to film. “He does not want to deal with Kail or the show anymore,” a source told the publication. Kailyn was also not allowed to film Isaac during their Hawaiian vacation due to the custody dispute.

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