'Teen Mom' Star Catelynn Lowell Admits She'll Be Upset If She Has Another Daughter

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell has made it very clear that she’ll be disappointed if she has another girl. But her fans aren’t impressed.

The mom-of-three caused a stir online when she posted on Instagram that she’ll make a scene at her next gender reveal party if she discovers she’s not having a boy. “If I get pregnant again and pink confetti comes outta my gender reveal balloon, I’m knocking the whole food table over. Party over. Everybody go home,” the photo read. In the caption, Catelynn added, “Yep!”

Catelynn and her husband Tyler Baltierra are already parents to three girls. They gave up their eldest child, Carly, for adoption a decade ago during their 16 and Pregnant episode. The long-time couple have since welcomed two more daughters: Nova, 4, and Vaeda, 7 months.

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This isn’t the first time the couple have aired sentiments like this. During the gender reveals for their youngest two daughters, which were shown on Teen Mom, the parents were visibly upset over having more girls. During Vaeda’s gender reveal, for instance, Catelynn said “I don’t want another girl” while she pulled the cord of the piñata, which ultimately released pink confetti.

The post gained quite a few comments before Catelynn ultimately deleted it. Some fans criticized her and said she should be happy to have a healthy baby, regardless of the gender. Others took Catelynn’s post to mean that she’s expecting baby no. 4.

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Catelynn has since responded to the speculation, however, to confirm she is not pregnant.“I am not pregnant, and we are using birth control,” she told Us Weekly. “But when we do decide to have another child, we are hoping for a boy. If we are meant to have all girls, then that’s just fine too!”

Previously, the reality star couple said they wanted to try for more kids rights after Vaeda’s birth. But it sounds like plans have changed. “We are thinking of having another when Vaeda is about 1 or 2 years old,” she added.

Catelynn previously told the publication that she and Tyler aren’t going to stress over having a son. “I will not keep trying until I have a boy,” she said in June. “No, sorry. If we’re meant to just have girls, I guess that’s what we were meant to have. I’m not going to have, like, six or seven kids. Like, no thank you. I feel like I’m already going gray with two.”

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