‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Reveals How Many More Kids She Wants

In a recent interview, Teen Mom 2 star, Chelsea Houska, discussed plans regarding her career and having more kids.

Chelsea Houska, who has been a famous personality in every household, opens up about her plans in an interview on the November 12th episode of the Don't tell me podcast. While she cleared that she has no immediate plans to leave the show, she also wants to expand her family of five. Her husband Cole DeBoer accompanied her in the podcast, and together, they made her fans aware of their family plans.

When asked by hosts Brittany and Cullen about her plans for exiting the show, she replied, "I feel like we would eventually get— I don’t feel it now — but I’ve been through ups and downs, where I’m like ‘Can I keep doing this? Is this healthy for my mental state?’ You go back and forth.”

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It's worth mentioning that the reality star has been part of the show since 2011, and the news of her exit has been doing rounds now and then. She explicitly stated that she enjoys doing the show, but if she ever felt otherwise, it would surely be the end.

“We’re in such a good place now, we enjoy it, but if it ever got to a place where it was not healthy for us, [we would be done]," she clarified. However, the decision of discontinuance won't be just hers; instead, it would be influenced by her 10-year-old daughter, Aubree. "If [Aubree] was like 'I truly don't want to do this,' we'd tell them she's done. Our family and our marriage is number one," said Houska. The 28-year-old star shares Aubree with ex Adam Lind. She married Cole in October 2016, and the couple has two kids, namely- Watson, 2, and Layne, 1.

The couple is also pretty clear about expanding their family and confidently acknowledged that they would surely have one more baby. Houska further described the nature of each of her kids- “Aubree's older, so she's easier now…she was a good baby. Watson’s a tiny Cole, really sweet and sensitive and the easiest baby ever." However, Layne, their third baby, had been the toughest to deal with and thus brought them to conclude that only one more baby can be handled. “Before [she came] we were like ‘Let’s do two more’ but now we’re like ‘Maybe one,'” chuckled Chelsea.

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Chelsea has been very active and involved this year. Apart from the onset of the ninth season of Teen Mom 2, her collaboration with Lauribelles boutique and launching a diaper bag with Itzy Ritzy. The interview has certainly provided a deep insight into the star's life, and fans are relieved to know that she has no plans of leaving the show anytime sooner.

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