High School Senior Found Out About Her Pregnancy Three Weeks Before She Delivered

An 18-year-old high school senior had no idea she was 9 months pregnant, and it's not surprising given her circumstance.

Saffron Heffer was a normal 17-year-old girl in high school. She worked hard on her body and she was constantly at the gym working on health and fitness. One day Saffron and her mother were at the gym doing abdominal workouts. She said that they were both mocking Saffron's stomach because every time that she would do a sit-up her stomach would become a weird triangle-looking shape. On one of Saffron's sit-ups, she noticed that there was a line going up her stomach. Her mother recognized the line from her pregnancies and suggested that her daughter take a pregnancy test. Saffron "knew" that she wasn't pregnant, because if she were pregnant then she would have been very far along and "there's no way that she wouldn't be showing by now."

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Saffron took a pregnancy test and she found out that she was indeed pregnant. When she saw the positive pregnancy test she was completley horrified. She went to the doctors and sure enough it was proven that she was 37 weeks pregnant. The midwife re-positioned her baby and a little bump popped out. Every hour her belly got bigger and bigger and bigger.

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Almost 9 months prior to finding out that she was pregnant Saffron went on birth control. The doctor that prescribed her the pill told her that there are some side effects including missed periods. When Saffron missed her period every month she was convinced that she was just very lucky! She did have some cravings for different types of foods, but she was sure that the cravings were some of the side effects from the pill. Apparently, the baby was sitting in an awkward position where he wasn't noticeable to anybody. Once the midwife was able to move the baby into the "right" position the belly quickly started showing.

When Saffron found out that she was pregnant she was incredibly depressed. She wasn't quite sure how she was going to handle being a teen mom. She said that she hid away for about two weeks. She felt so alone and she was completley lost. After two weeks she figured that "it is what it is" and she was going to have to raise her baby. She said it was very weird, because once the baby was moved into the right position she started feeling him move and kick. It was very odd for her to not know she was pregnant and then all of a sudden start feeling a child in her belly. Saffron's son was born about three weeks later. She named him Oscar. Motherhood has been extremely hard for her, but she said it's worth it when her son giggles or smiles at her. Saffron says that she finally figured out how some women can go all nine months without knowing that they are pregnant, because she was one of those women who had no idea.

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