Teen Mom Admits She Regrets Trying For A Baby At Age 16

A teen mum has shared that she regrets getting pregnant at the age of 16 and wishes she would have waited a little longer. Although she loves her 2-year-old tot, Parker, she wishes to have given the hasty decision a second thought.

Eden, from Middlesborough, had become pregnant at the meager age of 16 with her boyfriend after trying to conceive for months. The 19-year-old mom revealed her side of the story on BBC Sounds Pregnant Teens Podcast where she recalled how she and her boyfriend planned to stop her birth control pills and move their relationship a step forward. She explained the condition of the tender age and their zeal to do something out of the box. “When you're so young and naive, you think you're going to be with this person forever."

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They were too young to make a mature decision and thus took an unexpected conclusion. "It was like, we've been together for over a year, we think we love each other - what can we do next?” she continued. After stopping the medication, she got pregnant in about eight months. While looking at her positive pregnancy test, she realized, for the first time, the profoundness of their decision. She recalled, "I'd been in the toilets for ages- I was sat there staring at these tests thinking, 'oh god what have I done?’ All of a sudden, it didn't seem like this brilliant idea anymore."

Her boyfriend was undoubtedly excited to hear the news, but her mother's anger was inexplicable as she has recently had a baby herself. Her mother, who at 20 has been pregnant with Eden, was very upset with the news but soon replaced her temper with the happiness of turning into a granny. “I was her first daughter and she wanted this amazing, perfect life for me and obviously, I think I still have [that] because Parker is amazing." Eden tried to hide the fact that it was a planned pregnancy but failed to do so. Her mother said, “I'm not stupid. I know it was.'

After turning into a mother too early, Eden wishes she should have waited a little more, as both of them split up when Parker was just three months old. They are both now maintaining a friendly relationship and are comfortable with it. Eden recalls how they had planned to marry but soon understood that their relationship was not working anymore. However, she sometimes wishes that the three of them stay together but understands that it would just complicate situations. She doesn't want Parker to think, “ do my mum and dad even like each other?”

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Teen pregnancy is increasing at a much higher rate, and almost each one of them regrets their decision in the future.

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